atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#665: Space Roaches!

Dang Russians.

I was originally going to make a Mir joke, but of course Mir was de-orbited years ago. This experiment was done aboard a satellite.

Damn well should have been--no way do we need roaches aboard the USS Boondoggle ISS.

Of course, the solution to an infestation of pests, in space, is extremely simple: vent the compartment to hard vacuum for an hour or so. If roaches can survive that, we're screwed anyway.

But I doubt they can. It wouldn't surprise me, but I doubt it.

Now if this were a 1950s sci-fi shocker, the space roaches would mutate into something horrible and eat people and their pets. (Or, in fact, if this were a present-day Hollywood movie. Except instead of space travel making them mutate, it would be some kind of genetic experiment.)

But simply flying in zero G and mating isn't going to result in that kind of outcome unless there is something seriously weird happening. The baby roaches should be normal roaches; and I don't know what result the Russians were expecting from this experiment.

They must be reading NASA's playbook.

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