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#6645: The entire world in thirty minutes

...or a full refund for your price of admission.

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I expect it to happen sooner than 2024 because government estimates are always childishly optimistic, but there will be a point at which the entire US annual deficit will go towards paying the interest on its debt.

And at that point, the US dollar is effectively over as a reserve currency. It may take some time after that for it to occur, but that time will come. The dollar will inflate into toilet paper.

* * *

103,000 is the number of illegal aliens that they caught in March. How many actually tried to enter? How many did they miss catching? The border must be closed.

Related: Mexico is full of crime and corruption and the border must be closed.

* * *

The other day I talked about how the left hates it when you describe abortion as it actually is. I was going to talk about something, thought it over, and cut it...but perhaps I should not have.

A woman tossed a sack of puppies tossed into a dumpster and she faces seven felony charges. The left is more up in arms over that sack of puppies than it will ever be over the millions of children aborted in the US since 1974.

* * *

Fascism is, according to political science, a right-wing philosophy. But:
Mussolini was a revolutionary Socialist organizer influenced by the theories of Georges Sorel, who was responding to one of the early failures of Marxism. In Marxian "scientific socialism", universal revolution was a process that would follow mechanically from the capitalist immiseration of the proletariat....


...Fascism was a Marxist heresy from the day Mussolini seized it, differing from Marxism not mainly in its aims but in the means by which they were to be achieved.

The defining doctrine of Fascism...was this quote by Mussolini: "Everything for the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state." ... Building directly on Leninist political economics, Benito Mussolini wrote a theoretical justification of the totalitarian state which paralleled Joseph Stalin's less theorized but brutally-executed totalitarianization of the Soviet Union at around the same time.
Mussolini is credited with the creation of fascism, and as you can see it rose right out of marxism. Mussolini wasn't a hard left-winger until he had some kind of epiphany and then swerved across 14 lanes of traffic to become a hard right-winger. He was in the hard left the entire time.

The hatred that communists and fascists have for each other is so bitter because theirs is an internecine conflict. They are two mutually antagonistic sects in the same church.

* * *

I don't know what religion that woman is preaching, but it's not Christianity.

* * *

Democrat "conversation" means Democrats telling us what to do and not giving us a choice.
Where was the "conversation" on immigration? I just remember going to bed one night when top Democrats were in favor of strong border control, and waking up the next morning to find that desiring strong border control makes you a Nazi.
Reams have already been written about how Democrats do things. This is just another example.

* * *

Absolutely, because kids out for to go "wilding" are just looking for jobs. This is the most fatuous horseshit I've read in a couple of weeks at least:
...there's a third option. The next time 500 African-American kids decide to congregate downtown, why not greet them with a summer jobs fair?
I don't know what the idiot is smoking that wrote that, but it's part of a whole slew of nonsense. Like the way he just passes off the vandalism and robbery and other criminal activity as, "'disorderly mob action,' whatever that means".

To this person's view, the only reason those kids are going downtown and causing all kinds of criminal mischief stems from the fact that the city government isn't spending enough money on "recreational centers" and "community-based programs".

I can't properly debunk that without writing a 40,000 word screed about those sorts of efforts and what they end up being, and how kids of "wilding" age will consider them. The short form is "casting pearls before swine"; a kid who wants to go uptown and cause trouble is not going to want to sit in a room making macaroni art. FFS.

And it appears that it's considered "normal".
On Fox43 news, a black woman said mayhem and lawlessness at Black Beach Week is nothing to worry about. "I think it's still fun," said Kharizma Jackson. "It happens when you get a lot of people together this stuff happens everywhere you go. It's like that."

Black mob violence is normal. Funny how often I hear that. Funny how often no one disagrees.

Others took to Facebook and the local news sites to say what the local reporters could not. Or would not.
That's in Virginia Beach, not Chicago. Go figure.

* * *

MSNBC lets the mask slip. "If the military has the guns, they have the power." Whereas if the people also have guns, the military doesn't have all the power.

The one good thing that came out of Mao Tse Tung's whole rotten life is the maxim, "Power flows from the barrel of a gun." I may be misquoting it a bit, but it's probably the only truth that useless extrusion ever emitted in his entire disgusting existence.

* * *

The left keeps lying about what Trump said because they cannot pull him down with the truth. And even after having the lie debunked the leftists keep fucking that chicken, because it's all they have.

* * *

I woke up an hour and a half early with a splitting headache. After two Tylenol and three ibuprofen, a PBJ, and two bottles of diet Mountain Dew, I am starting to feel less craptastic, but damn, where the hell did this sick headache come from?

It's true that I binge-watched the rest of Amagi Brilliant Park last night, going from I'm-not-sure-where all the way to ep 14, but anime does not normally lead to a hangover, not even a lot of it.

I really have a craving for ramen. Maybe that will help.

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