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Hopefully this post won't be eaten by internet cruft.

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The Democrats have the long knives out for William Barr and everyone on the right wing knows why: because the counterthrust to the Mueller investigation has begun and William Barr is at the head of it.

And Karl Denninger says:
Remember, this sort of the law doesn't apply to me isn't exactly a new position for Congresscritters. The Democrats appear to have illegally initiated the surveillance -- probably all the way up the line to Obama. Further, it was developed and reported today by the NY Times that the FBI attempted to infiltrate the Trump campaign. On what sort of basis?

There are so many likely felonies here that I literally have trouble listing them all. Perjury before a Federal Judge is just the start of this, I suspect. And while Barr has said he intends to run it all down.... will he? Is that what the Democrats are freaking out about -- the prospect of a few dozen indictments?
All of this is why the Democrats desperately wanted to dethrone--or at least defang--Trump, and why the failure of the Mueller investigation to produce anything useful to them was seen as such a disaster.

Hillary Clinton was let off the hook by the FBI because her winning the Presidency was essential to everyone avoiding the investigations and the indictments. The entirety of the post-election coup attempt was a further effort at forestalling a real investigation of the wrongdoing. And the Democrat caterwauling about Barr is an attempt to poison the well against his likely findings.

Popcorn, please.

* * *

Speaking of corruption, South Africa is turning into a socialist paradise. I mean, look at the first two paragraphs:
South Africa has been bleeding money in recent years, but it's also lost professionals and the wealthy whites who have kept the nation running. The fleeing whites have been running to the safety of other nations because of poor working conditions in South Africa, including legal affirmative action making jobs and job advancement impossible for whites. The South African Fin 24 reported, "About 3,000 super-rich have left SA in the past 10 years."

Sensible whites are fleeing the nation because of multiple problems with race relations, banking, crime, unemployment, health problems with 19% of the population infected with HIV, educational problems with inadequate buildings and dangerous latrines where kids have fallen in and drowned, and political corruption. It is a seething volcano about to explode.
As you can see, the socialist blueprint is going well there.

How well?
Two basic necessities of life are a place to live and food to eat, and black and white South Africans are having a major struggle to attain both. Mandela and the ANC promised jobs to everyone and to build one million new homes; however, the unemployment rate is over 27%, and only 40,000 houses were built between 1994 to 1999, when Mandela left office. People have been waiting in line for many years for a home with few results. Blacks have priority over whites in jobs, housing, welfare, etc. Blacks don't envy starving whites, but they cast lustful eyes toward successful white farmers. I have seen posters warning white landowners, "Everything you have is ours. We're coming for it."
27% "funemployment"! No problem there!

And of course the ANC--the communist party that's ruled South Africa since the end of Aparthied--is still laboring to right all the wrongs of that regime, 25 years later.
According to ANC officials, all of South Africa's problems are because of Apartheid even though the ANC has ruled for 25 years. It is believed that the whites are the reason the economy is dying, rape and murder are commonplace, and the nation can no longer feed its people; consequently, any corruption is acceptable as payment for past mistreatment.
You know, if you think about it, the whites are actually responsible for all that, in a way, because they gave up running the place. If they hadn't done that, South Africa wouldn't be the complete shithole it's become.

That's if you're being generous. But a quarter century ago the white government turned over to the ANC the keys to a functioning first-world economy. With white people no longer in charge, guess who is actually responsible for the failure?

* * *

When you ask a socialist about the inevitable endgame for socialism, tap-dancing is all they can do.

Say, Representative Horseface, would you denounce Venezuelan President Maduro, who is having armored cars run over protestors in the streets?
Yeah, so, I think that, that this is absolutely a complex issue. I think it's important that, uh, that we approach this very carefully. One I am, um, myself just like anyone else who is absolutely concerned with the humanitarian crises that's happening and I think it's important that any solution that we have centers the Venezuelan people and centers the democracy of Venezuelan people first.
The short answer there is "no", and the slightly longer one is "No, I won't denounce Maduro because he's a fellow traveler."

...but she can't really say that because Maduro, like all leftists, is a murderous thug who considers proles expendable.

* * *

Oh? What sort of guns will you let us have, then? I think Kim du Toit's prescription for this is the right one: go fuck yourself.

I want to be able to walk into a gun store and guy a fricking machine gun if I want one.

* * *

Speaking of stupid crap the Democrat tax scheme for Illinois passed the state senate after a whopping seven minutes of debate. Because the Democrats all want a progressive tax scheme so badly they can taste it, because a progressive scheme will give them all sorts of money and power.

Of course, they don't seem to mind that it will drive all sorts of business out of Illinois. Or care.

* * *

Apophis will swing past Earth in 2029. It should be visible from the ground, since it'll pass about 19,000 miles from the surface.

A space rock 1,000 feet across moving at interplanetary speeds--even if it hits an ocean it will mess up our year. Here's hoping it stays well away.

* * *

Tomorrow is Saturday! Woohoo!!!!

...I still need to cut the grass.

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