atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6649: Saturday

And it's about 60 and the sun is shining, which means I'd better get out there and cut the front grass at least.

The back yard got so swampy that there was standing water on the patio, so I don't think I can cut the back yard yet--but I'll check it and see.

* * *

I am going to give short shrift to today's post. Otherwise I'll be here until 5 PM.


"Only 91.4% of the killers get away with murder in this town." Chicago! Hooray. Or something.

* * *

This is relevant to a post I will do in the future.

* * *

Tax away all the wealth of the 550 billionaires in the US, leaving them in the street wearing barrels, and it will run the federal government for eight months. We have a spending problem.

* * *

The Smollett hoax is a case of demand exceeding supply. All human activity has an economic component.

* * *

Well, bright sunny May day and a lawn that needs mowing. Off I go.

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