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#6650: That was lucky

The thing that I really like about small engines (especially Briggs & Stratton) are how robust they are.

Having been caught flat-footed last autumn, I neglected to winterize my equipment. I mean, I didn't do anything, not even rearrange it in the garage. I fully expected to pay the price for that today, the first mow of the year. I was pleasantly surprised.

The walk-behind mower has electric start and it ground down to zero without firing up, and I thought, "Well, here we go," only when I tried the pull start it fired up instantly. All the grinding must've primed the carb for me, and I was able to cut the front and sides and back without incident. I still have to charge its battery, but that can wait a week or two.

Next up, the tractor, for the east 40. Do you know I still haven't gotten a battery for it? I've been using the jump pack to start it for at least two years, FFS. I expect to put a new battery in it this year, though it probably won't be until June. The jump pack is nearly fully charged and it cranked the thing right up, and I didn't even need to put any air in the tires. I was perhaps five passes from being done with the back yard when it hit me that I hadn't even checked the fuel supply, but when I did I saw I had enough in there to finish, so I did.

I will have to do a bit of maintenance on everything, of course. I want to sharpen the mower blades (for once) and lube everything and make sure the mower deck is level. Put a new frickin' battery in, change the oil and filter, and make sure the belts are okay.

I mean, come on: the thing's 11 years old. I've done basic maintenance on it but I've never done a full service.

* * *

Got 20 news pages stapled onto AV and then stalled again. What a pisser. Well, this time, at least I stalled right at the very beginning of the next space war, so at least I'm not held up by "Now what the hell do I do?"

Still, it'd be very nice to be in Larry Correia's position, wouldn't it? I mean, he actually gets paid to write. Unlike me.


* * *

You know, as long as we're linking Faceboob posts I wanted to comment on this one. I mean, maybe the guy really, really hates the west African country, Niger, you know? Like it'd say "Fuck you, Australia" if he hated that place, but it happens to be Niger.

Occam's razor says no, of course. Okay, "Fuck you, Niger" plus neck tattoo pretty much equals "he did not mean the country, Niger, and his tattoo artist couldn't spell, either."

* * *

Okay, I put $25 in gas into the Jeep today. We'll see how long that lasts me. The last time I put gas in the truck was, uh, March 30, I believe.

* * *

Looks like tonight is prom night. Across the street they have set up a white carpet and a curtain with PROM over it in inflatable mylar balloons. The driveway is lined with chairs. $5 says there'll be a limosine when the happy couple heads out to the party.

And all I can do is roll my eyes: how ridiculous.

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