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#6652: The way they do things

How many casualties in Israel from the terrorists' rockets? Odd how CNN's headline is silent on that:
250 rockets fired from Gaza at Israel; 1-year-old child among those killed in retaliatory airstrikes
I am betting on a few facts, though.

1) Israel is better at targeting than communist terrorists in Hamas. Which is to say, the Israeli airstrikes actually hit their targets, and smart munitions limit collateral damage.

2) Hamas has a history of using innocent people as "human shields". "We put our launchers in schools and hospitals so the jews can't hit back without killing noncombatants!" Honorless, despicable, cowardly--just what you'd expect from communist terrorists.

3) Israel has "Iron Dome" which is a pretty effective defense against rockets, so even if the communist terrorists of Hamas had good targets for their rockets, and weren't just firing them at random, a number of them are destroyed before they can hit their targets.

CNN loves the communist terrorists in Hamas and hates Israel, so naturally the only reason they mention the 250 rockets fired by the communist terrorists of Hamas is to give some iota of context to the Israeli airstrikes. The important part of the headline is meant to be read as "innocent 1-year-old child BRUTALLY MURDERED by Israel!!!" and believe me, the American left will read it just that way.

I'm sorry for that child, but his death lies at the feet of the communist terrorists in Hamas, not Israel. If the communist terrorists of Hamas were not such cowardly dickless little bitches, hiding behind women and children after they commit their atrocities--but one might as well wish for a pony, I suppose.

* * *

Some Democrats think Biden is their best chance to beat Trump in 2020. Trump has said that he's eager to run against Biden. Make of that what you will.

Biden sez, "Do Democrats want a bipartisan deal-maker promising a return to normalcy, or a partisan warrior?" What Democrats want is a Democrat "partisan warrior" in the White House. Say what you will about Obama, he was certainly that. In the Democrat lexicon, "bipartisan" means "Republicans cooperate with Democrats" and never the other way around.

Okay, Trump is a "partisan warrior" because he doesn't give away the farm to the Democrats. John McCain was hailed as "bipartisan" because he agreed with Democrats and helped them get their way. Given a choice between Trump and someone like McCain, they'd take the latter every time. Given a choice between McCain and Obama, though? We saw.

Democrats absolutely want a "bipartisan deal-maker" in the White House if that person is a Republican, but they'll excoriate him mercilessly regardless. (Proof: they now long for the presidency of George W. Bush.) But if that person is a Democrat, they want the "partisan warrior".

* * *

Finished watching Saekano last night and am now well into Saekano flat, the second season/cour/series of the thing.

I am rooting for Utaha. I am not sure why. Megumi is a very nice girl but her personality is...flat. Eriri is very annoying and not cute. Michiru--besides being Tomoya's cousin--is a bad person for a variety of reasons, like "I'm staying over for a few nights, so I threw away 90% of your collection" and the fact that she is such a tease. Utaha has an acid tongue and several personality defects of her own, but she's honest about what she wants (though not direct).

The big problem with harem comedies comes from the fact that once the guy chooses a girl, it's over. This series avoids that by having Tomoya show no interest in any of the girls. Of course they all want to be his (you cannot have a harem comedy without that) but of the three main girls only Utaha has actually expressed that interest in a plain fashion.

Meanwhile, found a couple of other series on Hulu I want to peruse, so once this is over I'll have other things to watch, still.

It occurred to me, while cutting grass yesterday, that I haven't come across a series like Kimi ni Todoke or Lovely Complex for a while, where I just could not get enough of it. Have to keep on looking, I guess.

* * *

Today is the first 70-degree day in a couple of weeks. Someone's cutting his grass; otherwise it's nice and quiet.

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