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#6653: Oh man am I tired.

What a day. Tomorrow's another one!

* * *

Watched the last of Saekano Sunday night went a direction I wasn't quite expeciting it to. I really liked the series, but around ep 10 or 11 of "Flat" it started to...well, it wasn't a Gainax train wreck or anything. The ending was logical (and open-ended so it's not the end of everything) but hurt.

Somewhere along the line these characters grew on me to an extent that I am really, really unhappy that there's no more story--but that's not what I mean. I mean, the things that happen--it just didn't feel good.

It ends on an upbeat note. No one died. Everyone is still friends. It's a spoiler to say what happened but there are no negatives for anyone here, except that the main character doesn't get what he wants; but the reason that happens is something that makes him very happy for his friends even while he's sad for himself.

I think that's the part that made me so depressed. In that ep his disappointment is so palpable that it's hard to watch. (Bonus points for anime finally showing the way tears pool in glasses....) And I don't know why the remaining member of the circle does what she does in that scene, either.

I said it was a "harem comedy" but it stopped being that somewhere along the line. Two of the three girls in the circle he forms are romantically interested in him; the third--I'm not sure what's going on with her. First I think she is, then I think she's not, then I'm not sure; and about the time I've decided that yes, she is indeed interested in him, that scene comes up and she does what she does, and I don't know what to think any more.

So after it was over I sat at the computer, moping, until I realized I should just go to bed. Oh well.

* * *

So, my wife and I were talking, some months ago, about the position that was open at her company. Their call center needed a director, you see, because they fired the last guy who had that job...mainly because he didn't do anything. My wife did everything. She ran the thing, top to bottom, and the only thing the director took care of was doing the payroll.

After the guy got fired, she started doing that, too, and they advertised for a new director, but couldn't find anyone. Among other things they wanted someone with a masters' degree.

Anyway there was this time, last summer, where we were talking about it, and I said, "That's probaby the way the PC Hardware Lab was at Rockwell: 'We want God for $5 an hour!'"

Then I said, in my "old man" voice, "Hello there! I'm a wizard and I'll work for five dollars an hour! And I have a master's degree in autofellato!"

Mrs. Fungus: "In what?"?

I explained what autofellatio was.


I just wanted to tell the story.

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