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#6659: Ah, Saturday

The other day was quite a day. Today is also quite a day. Tomorrow will be quite a day.

Futher bulletins as events warrant on that point.

* * *

Giving lots of thought to the story even if I'm not getting anything written thus far. Mostly, it's setting stuff.

* * *

Where do I get this job? $100 an hour to DM. It's like something out of Knights of the Dinner Table.

* * *

Well--the bathroom is, as I said, done--has been now for a couple weeks--but I haven't made any progress on the water filter. Well, the weekend after I finished the bathroom was Easter; the weekend after that was my wife's birthday, and the next weekend--wasn't that when I was finally able to cut the grass?

Too much going on, that's the problem.

...but next week I hope to relax. Though I will still have to cut the grass.

* * *

Seen in the sidebar at AoSHQ:
So, when did "for a minute" become the standard way to say "for a long time"?

I just started noticing the usage a few weeks ago and now I hear it everywhere. my Lyft driver said it today.

Like if you wanted to say you've been in politics for a while, you'd say "I've been in this game for a minute"

I don't really hate it, but I also don't love it, and I don't see why this particular coinage is catching on with so many people. It's like J.J. Abrams. I don't really object to it, but I also don't understand why he gets so much work.
I do, actually, object to it. The ironic mode works best when it's used sparingly but if you say, "for a minute" every time you mean "for a while" you're not using it sparingly. It's idiotic.

* * *

So, Game of Thrones ep 4--

Dragons versus ships with ballistae, and the ballistae are fixed, only able to swing up and down. And I immediately said, "Fly around and attack from the stern for fuck's sake!"

Even if the ballistae could swivel in azimuth as well as elevation, they'd have to fire through their sails to hit an aerial assault coming from the rear.

And what's the cyclic rate for those ballistae? The things need to be cocked before they can be fired again, and you don't cock one of those things with muscle power alone; you probably have to winch the damned string back. So once they've all shot their bolts, how long to reload? Even with one dragon, Danyaeres should have been able to roast that entire fleet to the waterline.

Then again, "really bad strategy" has been the hallmark of the every battle in the entire frigging series. I am no strategerator, yet it was bleeding obvious that none of the people commanding those battles had the slightest idea WTF he was doing and have zero adaptability in the face of the enemy.

All the battles that take place are 100% "plot devicium": they turn out the way they do because that's what the writers decided would happen, and there's no attempt made to make those outcomes make any frigging sense.

* * *

On the plus side, it's Saturday night. Whee!

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