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#6661: We're all going to die because of climate change, I guess.

The science is settled!

Ireland has declared a "climate emergency" and so: independent, government-appointed Committee on Climate Change recommended to the government such measures as reducing the consumption of meat and dairy products, changing the way farms do business, and making electric cars the only cars that people can buy starting in 2035. By 2050, according to the panel, the country should be greenhouse gas emission-free.
In other words the remedy for this "emergency" is a) government control, followed by b) government control, and topped off by c) even more government control.

After all, if the people are free to choose what they want, they inevitably make the wrong choices, and so they must be forced--at gunpoint if need be--to make the right choices.

So you will eat less meat and consume less dairy products, and you will buy an electric car, and you will stop emitting CO2. By the way, the politicians and such will still eat what they want, tool around in limosines, and so forth. I mean, there's a limit to what one can be expected to do, right?

The problem is, all of this is predicated on complete bullshit.
What is global temperature anyway? How is it measured? Why are we looking at the last fifty years and not the last fifty million years? Even simple things like the measurements of temperature are subject to huge disagreements because of complexities like the urban heat island effect. And the fact is that the world has seen much higher levels of CO2 in the past even during ice ages.
Climatologists cannot tell us what a desirable global temperature is, nor can they tell us what the CO2 concentration should be, other than to point to what it was before the Industrial Revolution. Their computer models do not reliably simulate the present given past conditions, but instead the outcomes of these simulations vary wildly; and to make matters worse they don't even reflect current conditions correctly. They insist that the globe has been warming steadily, tracking a steady increase in CO2, but none of the unadjusted data shows that, and the only way this warming trend can be demonstrated is if they alter the data so that it shows up. All of their predictions--all of them--have been wrong.

However as a political weapon, in order to seize total control over the people, global warming (or climate change or whatever they're calling it today) is just splendid. And that's what it is, what the elites are using it for. Not because they think it's actually happening--their own actions show what they believe--but because it keeps the proles in their place.

And speaking of such, In Illinois, your electric car will cost you $1,000 per year to license because you're not buying gasoline and paying the exorbitant gasoline taxes (which themselves are going to be increased soon).

Coming to a government near you: they'll make you buy an electric car, and they'll make it prohibitively expensive to own and operate, and they'll also make gasoline nearly impossible to buy, so that you must use public transportation--which itself will be unreliable, because none of them would ever be caught dead using it.

* * *

Understand the true face of leftism.

* * *

Lying is what the left does. It does it reflexively and without thinking. Automatically.

So for the head of Planned Parenthood to say that there is no such thing as a law which allows abortion right up until the moment of birth--when there are now places where that is the law--is neither surprising nor even unusual.

The laws enacted in those places put a bad face on abortion, because it reveals that the primary reason for its legality is a) the elimination of unwanted children, and b) helping leftists in various ways. The left wants there to be as many abortions as possible because leftism thrives on the shedding of blood and the destruction of innocence. It cannot survive--does not want to survive--without committing mass murder.

Planned Parenthood makes a lot of money off abortions and it employs a hell of a lot of leftists.

* * *

Season three is go and it for damn sure ought to be. The Orville has not set a foot wrong, at least not in any major way; I cannot say that about the various versions of Star Trek that were produced after 1980. (The first season of Next Generation was virtually unwatchable by today's standards; the only reason we watched it was because there was nothing else, no other SF, on television. Except for reruns of TOS.)

Season two kept the light tone but at the same time became more serious than the first season. I think it was pretty fair dinkum. Here's hoping they keep doing that well in the third season.

* * *

I tried very hard to give Hertz my business, but they tried harder to avoid serving me, which is why I ended up renting from Enterprise. It actually ended up costing me less to rent from Enterprise, anyway, so it all worked out.

* * *

My vacation doesn't end until beginning of work tomorrow. I can live with that.

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