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#6662: Consequences

The result of poor forest management, done solely because ENVIRONMENTAL LEFTISM, is that California faces blackouts on high-wind days during summer. Because a huge, huge fire happened after high winds blew down a power line.

The result of not enforcing vagrancy laws, done solely because SOCIAL LEFTISM, is that Denver faces the same fate that has befallen places like San Francisco. Except in Denver it was put to a vote, a referendum, and the people said "Oh, hell no."

Of course the matter will be decided in the courts, as always. When the voice of the people is made known through referendum and it turns out to go against what the left wants, suing is their next step.

* * *

Tomorrow I need to get up early to run a couple of errands. This is the result of being a total slug today--but other than get the rental SUV turned in I wanted to, and did, absolutely nothing but lay around, play WoW, and eat. C'mon: I drove 1,964 miles last week. (Actually, Mrs. Fungus did a little bit of driving: one hour on Monday and one hour on Tuesday. Maybe 120 miles of the total distance. Otherwise, I did it all.)

I used to think of Niagara Falls as being far away, but having done that drive in one day has changed my perspective. Without stupid detours to find restaurants that are closing and stuff, it's about an eight hour drive. Eight hours' worth of driving will take you pretty far, it seems.

* * *

Tried a sip of Pepsi made with sugar today. It tasted like I was drinking Karo syrup. So, pretty much, that does it for sugared soda of any variety for me. Which is just as well, considering how bad it is for you.

* * *

The places we went in Canada were extremely clean and well-maintained. I don't think I saw any graffiti in bathrooms. There were new buildings going up; in Montreal there were three places where gantry cranes were set up, and I saw at least one while passing through Toronto. The highways were all in good repair (except Montreal was a disaster area, half the on and off ramps closed for construction). Overall, it reminded me of what the US was like some thirty or forty years ago.

There are two main reasons this is so. First off, Canada's demographics are vastly different than those of the US. They are more homogenously white, and the culture is fairly uniform. The only real divide there is, I expect, between English and French Canada. There is not the mass immigration that we see here in the US, mainly because the only way for migrants to reach Canada is either by going through the US, or by boat, or air. Because their demographics are like that, because their underclass is not artificially expanded by mass illegal immigration, this limits what their government must do for poor people. And besides that, Canada has 1/5th the population of the United States.

Although Canada has socialized medicine and various other lefty programs, it does not vastly overspend its revenue; the 2018 budget had a deficit of under $20 billion from a $323 billion budget.

Second, Canada doesn't have a huge military. It doesn't need it. The US treats a threat to Canada as a threat to the US. American military spending is about 20% of the US budget ($800 billion-ish. Social spending is approximately 50%, around $2,000 billion).

Over the past forty years, the American standard of living has been in decline as government swallowed ever greater percentage of the country's economic output. Canada looks as if it has mostly avoided that.

Which is not to say it's utopia. I watched my tongue very carefully while in Canada, keeping my opinions to myself and not speaking in public about anything that might offend a protected group--crack one gay (or, especially, muslim) joke and you might find yourself in jail. Gasoline costs at least a dollar more per gallon there than it does here. Strict gun control is in effect, of course. I paid a surcharge for every plastic item I bought. At a rest stop, one of the attendants there gave me a lecture on how to sort trash, "this goes in this bin and that goes in there" kind of stuff (habitual politeness kept me from telling her to fuck off). The speed limit on the highway is 100 kph--62 MPH--which is dead slow when you're crossing a continent. Trucks have to have speed limiters installed, and set to a specific speed by law, so when one truck tries to pass another it takes a long time and traffic backs up behind them.

Nice place to visit; wouldn't want to live there. But it would be nice if the US I lived in now was like the US I grew up in, because it was clean and well-kept like that place was.

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