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#6664: WTF UPS

Like three minutes before my shift starts, I'm trying to finish breakfast and UPS delivers a package to my doorstep. It's obviously speakers, big bookshelf ones, and I think to myself, Mrs. Fungus didn't mention buying anything like that. Go look at the package, checking the label before I bring it inside--sure enough, the addressee is not anyone here and the address itself is ten numbers removed from the bunker's address. I start to take it across the street, then realize that the address on the label is not that address, either.

Tried to contact UPS but their customer service system is a nightmare. I was in the process of composing an email to them when I saw the UPS truck go past again, so I ran outside and hailed the driver as he headed up the walk to another house. He came back, got the box and--presumably--took it to the correct address.

* * *

Once again a leftist shows how courageous he is in "speaking truth to power" bullying a woman he himself describes as "an old lady". "This is who they are, this is what they do." Emphasis his.

* * *

And here it comes. This bill, if passed and signed into law, will be the court case that ends up challenging the Roe v Wade ruling. It makes abortion illegal in Alabama, unless the mother's life is in danger.

Of course it will be challenged in court as soon as it's passed into law. But if the left is smart it will quietly ignore this law, and they will just work on making sure similar laws are not passed elsewhere, because otherwise this challenge will hit the Supreme Court. And Ruth Bader Ginsburg is not getting younger. If she's replaced before the case gets there--

But unlimited abortion is the left's core position, and their opposition to this will be incandescently incontinent. Get out the popcorn.

* * *

Social Security is very close to being insolvent. Here's the problem: for decades the US government has spent every dollar it received, and then some. Money that was taken in as Social Security payments was funneled into the general fund, which the government then spent; the federal government simply made an entry in a ledger stating that it owes the SSI system X much money. There's no separate account; certainly there was never a "lockbox" or anything of the sort.

Every year so far the SSI income has been more than enough to cover the outlays, although the "more than" part has been growing ever smaller. Whatever was left over got spent on anything else. Because of this, there's nothing to pay the overages in coming years but a bunch of IOUs.

Which is fine, as long as your currency is a reserve currency and "full faith and credit" means something. But the instant your currency begins to inflate because no one trusts it any longer--if you behave foolishly and act as though you can spend money you don't have approximately forever--that goes away.

The US is still on the right side of that turning point, but without some severe adjustments that won't last. As things stand now those adjustments are politically impossible, because the government is full of people who derive their power from the status quo and want nothing to interfere with it.

I already understand that Social Security will be gone by the time I'm ready to retire; I will never get back the money that I've paid into it.

* * *

The Democrat-controlled congress wants a do-over of the Mueller Russia investigation because it's the only thing the Democrats have. They have nothing else--nothing--that can even begin to implicate any wrongdoing on the part of President Trump. They are desperate to impeach him before the 2020 elections because if they don't, he'll be re-elected.

The Democrats are so desperate that they are beginning to flail about. Now, Democrats in recent years have shown a distressing lack of concern about the future. Recall then Democrat majority leader Harry Reid's removal of the filibuster from the confirmation process, so that Obama's nominees could be confirmed by a Democrat majority Senate? If the filibuster had been there, Democrats could have filibustered Kavanaugh...but it was too late for that. They themselves had removed the possibility of its use to stop a nominee the minority found undesirable.

Democrats continue to set (or remove) precedents for the sake of current political expediency, apparently thinking that they will never find themselves on the other end--and these precedents (or their removal) end up biting them in the ass later on. Every time.

* * *

This is not that hard to understand if you are not a pomo/SJW/NPC/leftist type. Because the "online extremism" that this statement decries is any speech that does not serve the left.

The "online extremism" that comes from muslims, and from communists and Democrats and antifa (but I repeat myself) won't be considered such. But if you were to say, "most terror attacks are committed by muslims," that would be considered "online extremism" and that is the kind of speech this horseshit seeks to counter. (Also this kind of speech.)

So, no--the Trump White House ain't signing this shit, and more power to them.

* * *

I think it may be time to abolish the FBI and put up something in its place. Or maybe just do away with a federal crime apparatus at all, just leave it up to the states.

* * *

A grand jury for the 737-MAX issue.
There are several reasons for a criminal investigation here. First and foremost is what appears to be a deliberate attempt to mislead the FAA in that during flight testing the limit of authority for MCAS was quadrupled yet the FAA was not notified of this, nor was the fault analysis re-run and re-submitted despite testing disclosing that the original design for the system was off in its required limit of authority by a factor of four.
And so it begins, I suppose.

* * *

Well, sure, in 200,000 years a million species will have gone extinct. 477 since 1900 is about five a year, so at that rate--

No, there's no reason to suspect that rate will increase. We humans are in fact getting cleaner and polluting less as we learn how to do that.

* * *

This is not news. It really isn't.

Die Hard 2: Die Harder, 1990.

* * *

GoT Seasion 8 spoiler warning.

I see his point. But I do think that the turning of Dany Targaryen's character was foreshadowed. The main problem is, with such a short season, it turned asymptotic. At the end of season 7 she's done some things which were, previously, out of character for her (that's the foreshadowing) but besides being a bit bitchy and annoying, and being a lot more of a hardass about being the boss, she hasn't turned bad yet.

S8E1 hits and she's clearly begun to lose it--but four eps later she's slaughtering innocent people wholesale. This character arc was logical, and foreshadowed pretty well, but it hasn't been given time to develop.

They handled the descent of Dany the same way George Lucas handled the descent of Anakin Skywalker: "Dip da doo I'm a good guy la la la onoes something bad happened WTF ALL RIGHT YOU ASSHOLES EVERYBODY'S GONNA DIE INCLUDING YOU SHITS THAT CAN'T DEFEND YOURSELVES--"

The last ep, coming Sunday, ought to be interesting.

* * *

So, started watching GATE last night. Basic setup, dude is in the JSDF and he's going to a doujinshi convention when a magical gate opens in the middle of Ginza and a medieval army comes out and starts attacking everyone. Now he's in command of one unit (out of a bunch) exploring the world on the other side of the gate.

Medieval armor, weapons, and tactics against 21st century weaponry--yeah, that dragon didn't last very long against an Apache attack helicopter in the attack on Ginza.

Anyway, good story so far (at about 3 eps in) and I know it'll be good because the late and lamented Steven Den Beste liked it.

* * *

So, looking like 3 nm chips will be coming out in a couple of years. Damn, that's small.

* * *

Today was mid-70s and sunny. Yesterday was low 70s and sunny. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain.

Yesterday I got up at 11:30 to run some errands and get the front grass cut. I did that. Today I had planned to get up at 11:30 again and cut the back yard, but I did not do that; I ended up getting up about 12:40. *sigh*

(See previous bit about Gate.)

* * *

Well, it's Wednesday, and I'm past the halfway mark for Wednesdays. Woohoo.

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