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#6665: Oh, is THAT all it was??

Tesla releases a software update to keep its cars from randomly erupting. Guess it was just a software setting.

* * *

The most recent school shooting fell off the front page after the identities of the shooters came out. One was a gay male; the other was a girl who pretended she was a boy.

Apparently they also hated Christians.

Of of their fathers is a twice-deported illegal alien who was deported for spousal abuse.

Regardless, because their politics and identities don't fit the left's preferred narrative, whoops look at that thing over there!

* * *

Only leftism could peddle such horseshit with a straight face. "Gender-inclusive puberty education". Global warming is settled science but biological fact is a social construct. Glurk.

* * *

Making your city a haven for vagrants has many negative consequences. Vagrancy used to be a crime for a reason. The left nullifies those laws for a reason, too.

* * *

Here's something interesting. I didn't comment on the story yesterday because it was more "gee, socialism causing want and scarcity" but if I'd known it would connect to a story today--

Anyway, short form, Venezuelan tanker captain refused to take oil and gasoline to Cuba. He was replaced with someone who would. The situation being what it is, we don't know why he refused nor where he is now (though I'd bet money he's dead, in an unmarked grave with thousands of other victims of the Maduro regime).

The article yesterday was about Cuba having to ration food items. You see, Cuba gets a lot of food from Venezuela, which is suffering from "shortages" itself. Cuba is blaming the US trade embargo for the shortages, but as previously stated here the US trade embargo does not affect Cuba's trade with other nations.

Interestingly, though:
[the ship] left Venezuela with its gasoline shipment on May 1 without incident, "but during the voyage, it disconnected its satellite systems to avoid being detected." To get to Cuba, the ship would have to pass through the waters of Caribbean nations that abide by U.S. sanctions against the Maduro regime and thus risk being seized.
These are sanctions against Venezuela, though, not Cuba.

In any case, Cuba is communist, and I'd bet money that there were "shortages" like the ones mentioned in that article long before all this happened. And it's not America's fault, either.

* * *

One of the most fundamental ironies of feminism is how well it's worked out for men. Well, for the right kind of men, that is.
These days, a man will send you a series of eggplant emojis and say something to you that is unprintable in this family newspaper. These days, a man will vie for your heart by sending you a picture of his penis as the first interaction you've had — not to upset you but to entice you (all these years later, men do not understand how penises work for women). There are untold amounts of men who want to know if you will make eye contact while you are fellating them.
Emphasis mine.

"All these years later, men do not understand how penises work for women." I think they do, else they would not be sending unsolicited dick pics. You see, men would not be sending those pictures to women if it did not result in sex, at least enough times to make it seem like a worthwhile courtship move.

With feminism, women have demanded to be treated exactly the same as men; but as society has adjusted to their desires, they are complaining that it has done so. Women want to be allowed, socially, to be sexually forward and to be allowed to want and enjoy sex, just like men--but when they get that, they find that like everything else in this world there is a price to be paid for it. That price is, of course, that men will baldly ask women for casual sex, and move on if they are refused. They won't court, they won't play around; there is no need to. "Why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free?"

The downsides of long-term commitment have been vastly increased at the same time that the benefits have all but disappeared. Feminism drove those changes; now feminism complains that it doesn't like the results.

* * *

Addendum: With regard to abortion this is what I was talking about the other day. Age 17, having sex. Not on the pill, using only a condom, then getting an abortion. Lied to a judge to get it, too.

To avoid getting pregnant, she could have a) not had sex. If that wasn't an option, she could have B) used another method of birth control besides the rubber.

Babies are a natural consequence of sex. If you don't want the baby, don't have sex. If you must have sex, take more than one step to avoid having the baby.

end addendum

* * *

Saudi Arabia should use its own military if it wants Iran to be hit. I agree 100%. I'm sick and tired of the US having to clean up the shit in the middle east, or anywhere.

* * *

NBC news is unhappy that Israeli defense works so well against communist terror attacks from Palestine. "The takeaway for the Palestinians should be, 'If you can't take it, stop dishing it out.'"


* * *

"Anyone who claims that free trade is good for America is either a) lying, b) does not understand economics, or c) both."

There will not be a trade war with China, at least not one of any consequence.

I can say this with authority because there is one underlying fact to all of this which seems to escape everyone who foretells doom and gloom from Trump's ongoing negotiations with China: China needs the US market a lot more than the US needs ANYTHING from China.

China's domestic economic policy is built on having access to foreign markets where their goods undercut the goods made in those markets. Example: you can buy a Chinese screwdriver set at Harbor Freight for $10, or you can buy a similar set made in the US for $25. The Chinese set is likely to break much sooner than the US set, especially if subjected to hard use, but the guy who just needs to put a couple of new outlet covers on after painting the kids' bedroom is not going to care about that. If China cannot sell those screwdrivers, the money stops coming in.

Meanwhile, if the supply of $10 Chinese screwdriver sets dries up in the US, people will complain about it, but then go buy the $25 US-made set. Meanwhile people will look at the market for screwdrivers, realize that there is a niche where $10 screwdriver sets can make money, and find a way to do it. Ultimately this helps the US.

China is fighting the Trump administration tooth-and-nail because they have no other recourse. They won't start a shooting war over it, because if they do that trade ends and their money supply dries up. Further, the people in the Chinese factory cities will riot, because you can't eat socks and underwear and bungee cords and cheap screwdrivers.

But they're not used to someone like Trump, someone who knows how to negotiate a business deal--and who isn't afraid to get up from the table and walk out any time they try to pull shenanigans. The self-styled experts in the US government clutch their hankies and swoon when he does it--oh, how vulgar, he'll be the ruin of us all!--but this is the language the Chinese understand.

Trump understands the difference between rhetoric and action. He pays no attention to the saber-rattling and the public statements and the "The US is being such a poopy-head about this!" nonsense; he knows it's nothing but show, and that what's important is what's written on the paper both parties sign.

* * *

I'll say it again: I do not expect Social Security to be there when it's time for me to retire.

* * *

Looks like gathering evidence to make a case for regulating social media as we do other curated media outlets. Like newspapers and such.

* * *

Animals like this should not be allowed to live.

* * *

The Fair tax that will be anything but. Although I will vote against it, the Illinois Democrat machine will manufacture enough votes to get it passed.

The progressive tax scheme will end up being the law in Illinois, and taxes will go up on everyone.

* * *

"I do need some oil". A relic from WW2?

* * *

When I'm at a car show I scrupulously follow these rules and I've always done so, instinctively--even before I took part in any.

* * *

Today is Thursday, and we're a scant half-hour from being halfway through it.

Thunderstorms in the early afternoon; now it's sunny. If everything can play nice and work out I might get to cut the back yard tomorrow morning, before work. IF.

...was feeling craptastic last night so I went to bed when Mrs. Fungus did. That was all right but it meant no GATE for me, and tonight I'll need to hit the hay on the early side, too. Maybe this weekend?

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