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#6666: Yes, the law applies to YOU, too.

"I cannot believe this is happening." Not said: " me!"

"Why did you take his sign?"

"Because...this restricts womens' rights." She says it as if it's the most obvious thing in the world, and she apparently thinks that justifies her behavior, and she is stunned that the cop is taking the side of the victim of her crime.

"I can't believe you let this happen!" says the entitled little girl to the police officer, who--judging by his explanation of the situation to her--seems to have an excellent grasp of how public speech works.

This needs to happen every time they break the law.

Cold Fury's take on this.


It's fun to see lefties losing their shit over Alabama's new law. Looking at the front page at Imgur, there are all kinds of butthurt posts there about it.

Hey, Democrats? This is what it feels like when you start talking about "common sense gun control". The difference is, there is nothing explicitly written in the Constitution guaranteeing the right to an abortion. If you want that, get an amendment passed.

Missori restricts abortions to eight weeks after conception.
When a child on a bike found a huge pile of dead babies that had been dumped by the side of the road by a lazy truckdriver shipping the so called medical waste away from an abortion mill, the shocked townfolk agreed, at their own expense, to christen the babies, give them names, and bury them with proper ceremony beneath headstones at the local cemetery, whereupon the ACLU sued them in court to prevent the burials.
Of course it did.

The comments to John C. Wright's post talk about Kermit Gosnell, the abortionist who kept the feet of aborted babies in jars of preservative. His slaughterhouse was not inspected by the health department for twenty years lest it be shut down.

(I say "slaughterhouse" not because I intended a specific connotation, but because I cannot dignify as a "clinic" any place which was that filthy and ill-kept. A clinic is a clean place, tidy and orderly. Gosnell's abbatoir was none of that.)

* * *

The question used to hinge on this. By moving us beyond the question of viability, though, the Democrats have mooted the one point where the average, reasonable person could agree to compromise with them.

A fertilized ovum, a clump of undifferentiated cells--if you look past the religion angle for a moment, one could say, "All right, if you've got to have an abortion, that's the time." The law has placed the cutoff at various places, with "viability outside the womb" being the key qualifier determining when "fetus" becomes "human". The law is an ass, but it codifies things like this on the theory that everyone follows the same rules.

But with the changes in New York and Virginia--where they've now legalized abortion even shortly after birth--it's stripped the veil. In these states a woman can give birth and then decide she doesn't want the baby, and the baby is then allowed to die. Not given any food or water, just left alone until it dies. The next step on that path is euthanasia: "It's ridiculous for our nursing staff to be required to take care of unwanted birth products as they expire, when we can inject them with [name your poison] and speed the process up."

If that doesn't make your blood curdle, you're not human.

It's made it obvious that the endgame of all this is for abortion to be 100% on demand and unrestricted, at any time, for any reason, even after the child is born. That means that "the health and safety of the mother" is not, and never was, the reason to have abortions be legal, because giving birth is a pretty dangerous process for human beings. If a woman has given birth to the child already, there is no "mother's health and safety" reason for the child to be killed.

I used to hold the "legal, safe, and rare" position on abortion, even after I sat down and examined my prejudices and thought them through, and discarded the ones that didn't make sense.

That process started in 1992. What I did was to buy books on political thought and read them and examine my opinions in light of what I'd read. I did not do all this on purpose, but it happened organically over the course of a few years, and at the end of that road I found that about half of the opinions that I had developed in my life thus far were absolutely unsupportable by anything other than feelings and wanting people to like me.

My attitudes towards abortion and homosexuality were the last to fall to reality.

With regard to the latter, I took a strict "live and let live" attitude about it. As an example, I thought "don't ask, don't tell" was a stupid policy but did not agree that it could have a seriously detrimental effect on the functioning of our armed forces. Let them do what they want in their own bedrooms, thought I.

And with regards to abortion, my view hovered closer to libertarian, the idea that having freedom meant being able to make your own decisions. It's an uneasy compromise, but a necessary one, I figured.

I was content to leave these things as they were. As I said, a compromise: they can do what they want, I don't have to hear about it.

The problem came from the advocates of these things. "Live and let live" stopped being enough. The 22nd week stopped being enough. Popular culture shoved my face into these things; and when I looked at them in the detail asked of me by society, I discovered the reality that I'd ignored thus far.

Kermit Gosnell's operation put abortion-on-demand into perspective. Planned Parenthood's sale of fetal body parts was just the icing on that cake. It was not the pictures of aborted babies that did it, nor the baby reaching out of his mother's womb to grasp the surgeon's finger, nor even appeals to my religion. My whole dissatisfaction with the legality of abortion came from how it was accomplished ("emanations and penumbras" found between the lines of the Constitution).

No: it was Kermit Gosnell's butcher shop (this time I intend the connotation) and it was Planned Parenthood making a profit on selling human body parts that led me to make up my mind that abortion is always wrong. Specifically, abortion as birth control is always wrong. I will allow that there are certain extremely limited cases where an abortion might be warranted, but they will be exceptionally rare and not include cases where, "Well, I had unprotected sex and got pregnant but I don't want to have a baby right now."

If you don't want to have a baby, there are three ways to prevent it. Don't have sex works every time; if you don't have sex, you don't get pregnant. The Pill is available everywhere and it's not expensive; if you take the pill and make him wear a condom, guess what? The failure rate of the Pill is 1% and the failure rate of condoms is something like 10%; those two methods together yield a failure rate of 0.1%. It depends on what you pick for the failure rate of condoms; I've seen citations as high as 40%--but even there, condom plus pill equals a 0.4% chance of pregnancy.

It's no secret what leads to pregnancy and birth control is widely available. This is not 1901. There is no reason for abortion to be used as birth control. None.

* * *

Heh: I find this amusing.
Alabama passed an anti-abortion law and international airhead actress/model Emily Ratajkowski responded by posting nude pics of herself on Instagram. Ha ha ha. So after blathering on about 'patriarchy' and 'the prison industrial complex', her message boiled down to 'Abortion is great, and hey, look at my breasts'. I'm glad she's selflessly doing this for a cause and not just using this as an opportunity for some cheap, tawdry self-promotion. No, I'm not going to link to her pics, you pervs. You know, I didn't realize there was anyone who could make Alyssa Milano look smart, but it turns out I was wrong.
There are a lot of people who can make Alyssa Milano look smart. They self-identify quite frequently.

And scroll down in that post for the bit about "common sense knife control". Carving tongs, a couple of sharpeners, and a fencing foil. Oh, and a rusty spoon. Good thing those dangerous military-style weapons are off the streets!

* * *

Woman filed false police report and now her lawyer is asking why she can't be let off, considering that Jussie Smolett was let off?

* * *

So, you are mere inches from something that will kill you if you fall; of course you go for the perfect photograph of it.

When we were looking at Niagara Falls, we were very close to them. The nice and strong chest-high railing separated the esplanade from a strip of grass about three feet wide, and beyond that, a 150-odd foot drop to certain death. Every so often there was a sign stating that it was dangerous to climb the fence.

Dumbass girl hopped up on the fence and sat on the post, trying to get an unobstructed picture. Mrs. Fungus gasped at the sight, so the dumbass' boyfriend put his finger through a belt loop on dumbass' pants.

...and if she'd lost her balance and started to go over that edge, you know what would have happened: he would have pulled on it, and that belt loop would have gone rip! and she would have fallen to her death. He would have had a nice little scrap of denim to remember her by.

People are stupid.

* * *

Well, today is Friday. We're going to have some fun this weekend.

It rained yesterday; and then it rained again. And it rained more while I slept. Which means no grass cutting today. The forecast shows rain for the next several days, too, so I don't think that I'll be cutting anything at all anytime soon.

Seems as if May is "rainy season" around here.

* * *

Anyway, managed a couple more eps of GATE last night. I do enjoy it.

...but Cobra attack helicopters versus medieval infantry--that just seems wrong. I mean, I feel like the JSDF ought to handicap itself somehow just because the fight is so one-sided.

Hi! We're bad guys with military training and discipline! We were army regulars! Go ahead and shoot those arrows at us; we're all well-armored and we'll form a turtle with our shields!


You're not supposed to feel sorry for the bad guys, but holy crap--there's just nothing they can do against the kind of military technology available in the 21st century.

I am fairly confident that as the story progresses we will see the bad guys start using magic in a big way, and that will have to even the score. I remember Steven Den Beste's reviews of this series were positive but I don't remember what they said, explicitly, so all I have is the storyteller's instinct guiding me on this point. For a story to be good there must be conflict, and "JSDF flattens a medieval-equivalent army" does not have any real conflict.

We'll see, though.

I suppose the most unnerving thing about it is the brutal, ruthless efficiency displayed by the JSDF soldiers. Cobra chopper against perhaps two or three platoons' worth of enemy soldiers--and whirrr goes the minigun until they're all dead.

Well, that's war, I suppose. JSDF didn't start it.

* * *

Yesterday was a ridiculously nice day. Today it's cold and rainy. Oh well.

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