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#6668: It was obvious decades ago

If you watched and listened carefully, you could tell that the news media had a bias. In the 1980s it was not nearly as obivous as it is now, but with the Internet and Fox News still decades in the future, it did not need to be. The left had an iron grip on the narrative.

But it's becoming obvious to everyone, not just us right wingers. And it's becoming obvious because as they have lost control of it, their desperation to hold on to that power has driven them to ever-more blatant displays of their bias.

* * *

A lot of people are justifiably critical of the ending season of Game of Thrones.
Subversion is a tool for sophomores whose eyes are bigger than their stomachs. You may think you are a genius for using it when you can't come up with an ending that has real punch. But the fact is you just couldn't come up with something that would wow the audience with your brilliance so you opted to enrage them with bullshit.
The fact that Danyares' sudden turn was foreshadowed does not excuse the suddenness with which it occurred.

I agree with the general concensus that the writers of the thing got bored with it. That includes GRR Martin himself; he hasn't completed the series yet and it's doubtful, at this point, that he ever will--not when he has about three or four more 800-page novels of story left to write. But getting bored with the project is no excuse to slap a hasty end on it and then throw the audience curve balls to hide the slipshod way you're concluding the story.

* * *

Feminism has sold women a bill of goods. "Free love" doesn't work for them.

* * *

Intel took shortcuts that AMD did not, which is why these exploits don't work on AMD processors. Instead of focusing on their business--which is making silicon chips--Intel is focusing on social justice, and it is showing in their product. They've bungled their 10 nm parts and have been forced to rely on 14 nm processes longer than their competitors, and will end up skipping 10 nm entirely when they move to 7 nm.

AMD, meanwhile, is focusing on their product, and in so doing, eating Intel's lunch. The Ryzen processors are faster and more secure than their Intel counterparts. I'm pretty sure I know what kind of processor my next system will have.

* * *

It rained before I could cut the grass, so I took a nap. What a world.

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