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#667: Miscellanious Rambles from the Bunker

I want to get a DDR machine.

Specifically, I want to be able to play Dance Dance Revolution at home. I don't actually want a real DDR machine, as there's no room for it here; the game and a couple of dance pads would do nicely. Preferably the version for the original PlayStation; but I may have a line on a not-too-expensive used PS2 which would do nicely. Otherwise, Sony's got a package deal going for around $110 with Guitar Hero 2 and a controller for same. Heh. And then I could buy the DDR version for the PS2 which is commonly available.

The abrupt termination of my betrothal made several memories that I made in the Philippines into bittersweet ones. They would have been awesome if the whole thing hadn't come crashing down. Now they hurt a bit when I think about the.

In some ways it was kind of like dating in an anime series. I mean, we went to the beach; we went out to eat; we went shopping; and we went to an arcade.

We played DDR on our first outing. I played a game by myself to show her how to play; and when I was done, I saw that I had attracted a small audience--some older women were watching me--so I got off the DDR machine and took a bow. They applauded. Heh.

Then she and I played a game of it; and that's a nice memory.

When we went to the beach, we did that "splash each other with water repeatedly" thing, too, which was also lifted straight out of anime/manga. *sigh*

But I liked DDR long before I went to the Philippines. I first played it in 2004; later that year I challenged my niece--who does step-dancing competitions!--to a game, and she weaseled out of it. She didn't want to try it, the silly girl. Oh well.

I still like to play it, even though there are people out there who can practically tap-dance on the damn thing. I saw one girl do a dual-controller set, where the player has to hit arrows on both controllers, and that's just nuts.

I should add that to my personal ad on the Christian singles' web site: "I can't dance, but I do DDR once in a while."

* * *

Seto no Hanayome has managed to impress me considerably.

I just watched ep 14 yesterday, and it was a scream. Big tough yakuza mermen being a cute little kitten. OMG did I laugh at that.

Overall it's gone uphill since eps 7 and 8; I would agree with the anonymous poster who gave up around there, that it's the nadir of the series. But it gets better. Much better!

I realize that it's basically Urusei Yatsura with a new coat of paint and a different source for the "unearthly girlfriend". They introduced a character named Kai Mikawa, who is basically Shutaro Mendou in reverse: rather than being terrified of small, dark spaces, Kai is an agorophobe and hates bright light. Whenever he goes outside, he does it in a fricking space suit.

And once you realize what's going on--that part of the story is parodying UY--it becomes that much funnier.

As of ep 15 of Sky Girls I'm still hanging with it. I'm hoping it doesn't suddenly turn into an Evangelion "catch fire, blow up, and leak radiation" ending; right now they're pretty much on-course for a decent series, which means they at least managed to beat Evangelion, which started to suck egregiously around ep 13 as I recall.

And Pretty Cure is doing quite well. I'm enjoying it. Pity there's no manga.

I've been holding off on watching any of the new series that I've been downloading. I'm not entirely sure why, to be honest, but I want to have a stack of episodes on-hand before I begin. Besides, I have so many other things to watch that it's already a serious time commitment to sit down to watch anime, since I don't like watching just one episode.

Tokimeki Memorial continues to be lackluster. I'm working my way through it, but there is nothing memorable about it. Except for Hiyoko, the permanently pissed-off chick.

* * *

Chilly and damp October day today. I didn't get anything done on the garage, and probably won't, but I did move a sheet of plywood and get the old gutters off the back grass.

Those old gutters will be recycled for scrap, but I've got to cut them into manageable lengths first. *sigh*

* * *

Since I work on Halloween, I'll be watching my Halloween anime shortly after midnight Wednesday morning, instead of after dark on Halloween. It's about the same, anyway. Laughing Target, Mermaid Forest, maybe some Vampire Princess Miyu (VPM).

I'd like to get ahold of the VPM TV series. It's out of print, though. I wasn't very impressed with the OVA series--though I have it on both VHS and laserdisk--but the TV series was just perfect.

The horror anime that appeals to me is the stuff that gives you this feeling of hopelessness--VPM-TV is very big on that, let me tell you. The blood-and-guts kind of horror is just nauseating, and I don't want to watch people getting mangled. I jump at "shock takes" the same as anyone, but that's not horror; that's "Surprise! Ha, ha! Made ya jump!" But the stuff that plays on your emotions is pretty effective for me.

VPM-TV has this episode that centers on these beautiful women who are captured by a shinma (demon god) and put on display in a disused subway station. The womens' bodies are in stasis, freezing them in place like mannequins--but they're alive, and will be basically for eternity as they are, unless something frees them.

Miyu defeats the shinma--that's her job--but she leaves the women as they are, citing the fact that their plight is not her problem. And the last we see of them, the women are still standing there, and we hear the sound of them weeping--inside, since they can't actually cry--and the head of one woman lying on the floor, where it landed after a misdirected attack sliced it from the woman's shoulders. And she is still alive--and will be, like that, forever.... *shudder* It's creepy!

The end of the series--it was artistically excellent, though it sucked emotionally because some cool characters, that I liked, got killed off. And their deaths weren't even brave or noble; they were pretty ignoble, almost senseless: they just got skewered--splat, that's it. But the reason for their deaths was well set up, so it was logical that they got killed--just senseless, if that even approaches coherence. I'd like to see that series again.

I'm probably going to watch 3x3 Eyes again, too. It's pretty good stuff. And it looks, from here, as if Mokke is horror, so maybe I'll check out an ep or two of that.

* * *

Schoep's chocolate chip ice cream used to be my favorite ice cream in the universe, but they changed it, of course.

The chocolate was shaved and mixed well with the vanilla ice cream, so it was thin and crispy (because it was frozen) bits of chocolate with the vanilla.

But now it's about 1mm thick chunks of chocolate, and it's just not the same. Argh etc.

So now I like Edy's Caramel Delight the best.

* * *

You know you surf the internet too much when you see a toy with the legend "4 Man Action Pack" on the box, and start having questionable thoughts. I don't think there has been any force ever, in history, which made sexual deviancy more widely known than the internet. Thanks to the internet I have--entirely without meaning to--learned about far too many things that people do in the name of getting them some "treaure type O".

So I see "4 Man Action Pack" and think, "4 Man Action! Don't click that link! You might as well go!" be honest, although the image I saw was pretty weird, I saw worse things at the nursing home. A man displaying his distended rectum is peanuts to working in a nursing home, believe me. Particularly when you're trying to flush a woman's ileostomy bag and the syringe slips, spraying water contaminated with feces and clostridium difficile right into your face.... I kept eyes and mouth shut, went to the sink, and scrubbed my face clean with soap and water several fucking times...and it must have been enough since I didn't come down with an infection of C. diff. But man, fuck that noise.

I saw an exchange on a website in which a guy logged into an IRC channel and demanded random linkage, to see images he'd never seen before. Someone sent him to His response?

"Good lord, what's the matter with that man's bottom?"

Oh, and tubgirl? The White House ought to declare war on that as an instrument of terror. That is worse than the nursing home. That's just nasty, is what it is.

* * *

This room seems to average several degrees warmer when I have the computer on. That dual-core Pentium processor sure kicks out some heat.

* * *

Halloween stuff is going clearance at work. I want to try to buy a big plastic pumpkin, if I can, but I'm not too worried about it.

I have all sorts of Halloween decorations that I bought in past years which I don't really use--but the one which I do use consistently is the jack-o-lantern.

I used to carve one every year to keep evil spirits away. Then I realized that if evil spirits bring you bad luck, my jack-o-lanterns weren't doing me any good; so now I just use the plastic one.

And once Halloween is done, they'll start setting for Christmas--and that'll be great, because I like Christmas.

This year I will buy a 4" mirrored ball as soon as I see them. We sell them in various colors and I want the plain silver one. Actually I may buy several. They run about $4 and 4" is pretty big for "disco ball" when you don't have any place to hang a bigger one. I bought a rotator and can hang one from it, and let it rotate, aim a laser at'll be cool. Stupid, but cool.

* * *

For a while Target was selling a big poster-sized map of Middle Earth. I should have bought one.

* * *

I went back and reread the most recent Order of the Stick strips because I wanted to double-check something.

As of the most recent strip, Roy has been dead for almost three and a half months--and when we left the rest of the party the Battle of Azure City had only just ended a short time before. Haley and Belkar were left behind in Azure City with Roy's corpse (TM) while the Lord of Azure City sailed away on his junk with the rest of the Order of the Stick and some 400 civilians aboard.

I don't know how the hell Burlew is going to resolve the temporal disparity. But damn, he's telling a hell of a story.

I think Roy's going to run down the Mountain to where his dad is to see what's going on in the mortal realm--I think that's where he's going in such a hurry--but I don't know what he can possibly do about it since he's, well, dead.

And I finally understood why that one guy was saying, "Wait! I had a 22!" It was the priest who did a spell duel with Redcloak, and who failed his saving throw versus "Destruction" with a 21. Obviously the extra point didn't make that much difference....

* * *

And I think that satisfies my need to rattle the keyboard, at least for a while. Signing off and heading for the tub!

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