atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6671: This has been a cold spring

May 20, and I had to turn the heat back on to keep the bunker at a livable temperature. It was freezing in here (not literally) when I got up yesterday.

Plural of "anecdote" is not "data", but the springs have been getting cooler and wetter around here for several years.

* * *

I am skeptical. This plan of NASA's involves them making 37 launches over the next nine years, which is an operational tempo they have never managed, and the plan appears to rely on the SLS, which hasn't even flown once.

* * *

I'm ineligible to get a DD-214.

* * *

I look forward to the day we treat abortions like we treat guns!

* * *

Fatigue is not only possible but probable. You cannot ask the middle class to shoulder the burden of the welfate state indefinitely, particularly when that burden gets bigger every year.

The thing is, governments emplace taxes as if people aren't able to move away from them, as if people can't choose to leave--and while that is more-or-less true for federal taxes, it sure as hell isn't for state and local taxes.

And to a lesser extent, if you feel like you're paying too much in income taxes, you can take steps to reduce your income. People do that all the time. Work less, earn less money, drop into a lower tax bracket.

Places such as Illinois seem to think they have a captive tax base but they really do not, and if they keep up with business as usual--"more taxes, more borrowing and pension can-kicking"--it will be bad for the state, overall.

* * *

My favorite YouTube stream is back. It's Toji Beach in Shimoda, Japan. I was really saddened when they shut it down in wintertime; I wanted to see what that place was like in the winter. Probably just cold and cloudy, though, since it's right on the Pacific Ocean and southeast of Tokyo.

Nice view, though.

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