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#6674: It doesn't matter, though.

China's been dumping CFC-11 into the atmosphere by the ton for at least a year but I'm telling you, it won't make a damned difference to the global temperature or the "ozone hole".

The fact is that the ozone "hole" was discovered in 1956--before CFCs entered widespread use--explained, and forgotten. It's an annual phenomenon, and every year it recovers. In the 1980s DuPont's patents on CFCs were expiring; they bankrolled an environmentalist push to have the stuff outlawed so their brand-spanking-new HFC patents could be put to good use. The magnitude of the ozone "hole" has been constant since 1956 and has not changed despite the increased use (and then banning of) CFCs.

China's dumping of CFC-11 makes it plain that they don't believe the anti-CFC hype any more than I do. While I agree that the dumping of any chemical is irresponsible, it's not going to kill anyone or cause an environmental catastrophe.

Related: It's not global warming but geothermal heat which is melting this glacier.

Also related: The US represents about 1/7th of the worldwide anthropogenic carbon budget. China emits twice as much as the US does.

Also also related: "Renewable energy" really does not work at all.

* * *

Some idiot thought the best way to investigate a leak was to raid a reporter's home.
When the San Francisco Police Department decided to externalize its internal investigation of a leaked document, things got unlawful and unconstitutional in a hurry. Deciding the best way to sniff out the leaker of a police report detailing the death of prominent public defender Jeff Adachi was through the front door of a local journalist, the SFPD now has a lot of explaining to do.
I should say so. When a journalist refuses to answer questions, you can't just put on your face-stoming boots, get a search warrant, and then raid his house. You need to tread very carefully because there are laws regarding this kind of behavior.

The San Francisco Police Department may have made a grave error, here.

* * *

We sell games, but we suspend accounts that buy too many games too quickly. Uh...okay.

* * *

Do you see that graph? That graph spells big trouble for China. China's economic model is predicated on the US continuing a policy of free trade. If the US adjusts its trade policy to favor a more balanced approach, where trade is not wholly unrestricted by tariffs, China faces lowered income.

* * *

"Does Google apply a nonpartisan definition of hate speech?" Well, it depends on who you ask, of course. Because to a leftist, anything they disagree with is "hate speech", and the way Google applies that standard would be most satisfactory to a leftist. Less so to anyone on the right of Vladimir I. Lenin, of course.

* * *

Perhaps I will go buy some donuts soon regardless of the fact that I'm trying to lower my carb intake. Dunkin' Donuts deciding not to be political--what is wrong with them? As if politics didn't have anything to do with donuts! Those NAZIs!!!!111one-one


* * *

Mrs. Fungus and I have a joke about people arrested on Cops. Usually, when protesting their innocence, their eyes get wide and their eyebrows go up. Having been caught after fleeing from police, the camera catching the bag of dope being thrown out the window as they flee, the evidence presented to them, "No, that ain't mine! I don't know where that came from!" One guy, right after the cops pulled the drugs out of his pants, claimed he'd just bought them from the goodwill store and hadn't checked the pockets. "That's not my stuff!"

And so we say, "Look at how wide my eyes are, and how high up my eyebrows are! I'm innocent!"

Have to wonder how wide his eyes were when he denied committing the crime on the witness stand. Jeeze louise.

* * *

It is, in the words of Kyon, a "ridiculously nice day" outside. Sure would like to go out there and tinker. Can't, though; need to stay in and deal with IT problems and earn my pay.

Well, that's just like everyone else, I guess. Oh well.

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