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#6675: This is correct.

Shitty writing deserves to be called out as such.
Just as with any profession, say plumbing or landscaping or IT, there are good writers and bad writers. A writer's purpose is not to fluff his own ego and get his ego fluffed by other writers in a self-important mastubatory merry-go-round. A writer's purpose is to make other people happy, to drag them out of their shitty lives and into another dimension for a few hours or days at a time where they can forget how miserable they are and live in someone else's shoes for awhile. It's not to bring your genius to the masses with the expectation it will be recognized as such with high praise and fortune, and if you believe that, you're deluding yourself. Your job, as a writer, is to give relief and solace and entertainment to others. Fuck art.
I write solely to entertain. First myself, and--hopefully--others. I do not consider my output to be "art", whatever that may be; it's a story--hopefully an entertaining one, one that people will pay me for.

The big problem with the ending of GoT is that the writers forgot they were being paid to entertain, and they let the quality of their writing slide because they were bored with the story. So they forgot things, skipped things, took the easy way out; and it showed.

But the thing is done, so let it lie. There is no need to revisit it.

* * *

Recycle the spent fuel and so forth. Yes.

All the issues raised by anti-nuke morons are technical ones, ones that can be solved with engineering. No new knowledge is needed. Lots of them have already been solved, in fact, and it is only anti-nuke interference which prevents these solutions from being realized.

You know, like ending the practice of recycling spent fuel. Sure, it stops "proliferation", but it also means that you'll have a lot more spent fuel laying around than you need to have. That's a win-win for the anti-nuke crowd, of course, because then it lets them bitch and moan about the "nuclear waste" that is piling up and will be radioactive for "10,000 years".

* * *

Illinois wants to enact a whole slew of new taxes.
* Gas tax hike--doubling Illinois' motor fuel tax to 38 cents from 19 cents per gallon, effective July 1.

* Vehicle registration fee hike--doubling the fee for newer vehicles.

* New ridesharing tax of $1 per ride.

* Expanding Chicago's "Netflix tax" statewide--7% tax on users of streaming services, cable and satellite customers.

* Higher taxes on beer, wine and liquor--$120 million worth.

* New statewide parking garage tax--6% tax for daily parking and 9% for monthly and annual.

* Doubling the real estate transfer tax--we've been calling this a Exit Tax because it makes it more expensive to sell your home and flee.

* Higher registration fees for electric vehicles--increasing to $250 per year from $34 every other year.

*Those are just to pay for the capital program. Also on the table, separately, are a plastic bag tax, tax on Medicaid providers, sports gambling tax, marijuana tax, video gambling tax hike, retailer tax hike, e-cigarette tax hike, higher cigarette taxes and the income tax hike on high earners.
Yep. Yep. Of course. Illinois is broke; it's beyond broke, so far beyond broke you can't even see "broke" from where it is. These taxes are only the beginning.

The only thing on that list that I agree with is increasing the registration fees for electric cars. Back when they a niche thing, it made sense not to charge regular registration rates for them--but now that there are at least three companies selling purely electric cars in the US, they need to be treated like gasoline cars are.

"Doubling" the registration fee for "newer" vehicles is a bad idea; it will depress the sales of used cars. Doubling the gas tax is inherently recessionary, considering how many people commute.
Joe and Mary Six-pack Joe will scream. The different nature of capital spending will mean nothing to them. They'll see they got whacked immediately, contrary to Pritzker's promise to soak the rich instead of them. The income tax increase on big earners (and a tiny cut for others) won't come until 2021 and only if voters approve a constitutional amendment. They're already tapped out.
There will be no tax cuts on "others" and the increase on "big earners" will not happen. Pritzker's tax scheme is meant to increase taxes on the middle class, because that's where most of the money is. The basic result of the Democrat thinking that, "Well, we need the money, so the taxpayers will simply have to pay it."

A capital bill, without reforms first, is a dangerous gamble, regardless of legitimate capital needs. It's another example of the impossible situation we're now in.
The situation is only "impossible" because Illinois Democrats think people can't leave--or won't--if the taxes become too onerous.

* * *

It is not funny to shine a laser at an aircraft. It is not funny and it is exceptionally dangerous to boot. Regardless of how cool you think doing something like that is, do not do it.

* * *

Rain predicted for the next several days, including the weekend. I think I might try cutting the grass anyway, because it needs it so badly. *sigh*

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