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#6676: I look forward to the day that abortions are treated like guns

Kyaaa ha ha ha ha!
Look, we're not coming after your abortion. All we want is some common sense abortion control. Like a one-year waiting period. And an exhaustive background check with mental health evaluation. Also, the purchase of a $200 tax stamp should be required. That's only fair. And doctors who do abortions should be licensed by the federal government, also with exhaustive background and mental health checks, and in addition they should have to pay a whopping big annual license fee. And the names of all abortionists and their patients should go into a national registry. But that's nothing anybody has to worry about. Rest assured, we would not presume to deny anyone the constitutional right to abortion. If you want your abortions, you can keep your abortions.
That's right!

"Sauce for the goose," as they say.

* * *

The people of England voted for Brexit. You denied it to them. What did you expect? Brexit, hard or soft, was supposed to occur in March; it is now May and England is still part of the EU. Because you insisted on having a "deal" in place with the EU before Brexit occurred.

The presumptive new Prime Minister is promising Brexit in October, no ifs, ands, or buts, deal or no deal. I expect that the people of England will continue to vote out recalcitrant members of parliament until they get the Brexit they voted for.

And I wasn't going to comment on it, but apparently I'm not the only one who thought this, so I will.

Breaking down and crying because you lost an election is not the hallmark of a strong leader.
Now, we have the pitiful spectacle of the stubborn and incompetent Theresa May crying over the fact that she failed to lead her nation out of the European Union. When Margaret Thatcher was a wildly successful prime minister, she showed [that] women can lead as effectively as men. It was a great leap forward for women.

Now, Theresa May has given it all away. Her failed prime ministership is a great leap backward for women. Nothing like few tears to demonstrate enhanced sensitivity and some extra special empathy. Even though said sensitivity did not work in May's favor when she needed to do her job.
In these situations I remember the time some noted Democrat woman withdrew from running for President, and her speech was a sobfest. A popular drive-time duo played the speech, and both I and the friend I was with were getting ready to mock it when the clip was over--only the radio guys did it first, and we all had a jolly good laugh.

Look: politics is serious business and if you are going to lead an entire nation you shouldn't be prone to crying when things don't go your way. Tears are a surrender signal; they mean "okay you're in charge please don't hurt me any more". It's how humans cede social status.

Let me say that again: tears are how humans cede social status. If you're going to cry when you're voted out of office, you don't belong there in the first place. Not when you're leading an entire nation.

* * *

Please note that being hauled out of office at gunpoint and/or in chains, bound for the gulag or the firing squad, that would be an appropriate time for tears. Maybe.

* * *

The homeless problem that exists is California is Califorina's problem, not the nation's. Here's a handy tip for you, dickhead: enforce the vagrancy laws.

Laws against vagrancy exist because vagrancy breeds squalor, and squalor brings disease. And that post includes a schadenfreude-induced "heh":
Meanwhile, although LA residents vote 90% in favor of open borders, they're not welcoming illegal immigrants dropped off in their city with the level of enthusiasm their virtue-signalling would suggest.


Wait I don't understand -- doesn't LA want the dynamism and overflowing tax-coffers that hundreds of law-breaking, low-skilled immigrants will bring to their local economy?
Heh, I say. Heh.

* * *

Okay, when I say that all we need to do to fix the problem with immigration is to enforce the laws already on the books, I mean exactly that.

This provision was enacted when Bill Clinton was President, but it has not been enforced and it damn well ought to be.

There are a whole bunch of laws which are simply not enforced. If we were to enforce them, we would find a whole lot of stuff ending. Not just illegal immigration, but welfare fraud by legal immigrants, for example.

* * *

Ten Somali animals attack unarmed man. Somalis were armed with hammers. Looks like we need "common sense hammer control".

* * *

I wasn't going to comment on this one but WHAT THE FUCK:
The Campaign to End Loneliness has warned that self-service checkouts have closed off what might be for some people the only chance to talk to someone during the day.
If talking to a cashier is the highlight of your day you need a fucking life. Shit! Go to church or something.

* * *

If you cry "racist" because you got caught and punished for embezzling, you are part of the problem.

* * *

It's not narcissism; it's stupidity. Otherwise known as "evolution in action".

* * *


The problem with smart people is they think everyone else is stupid. This can be a problem when someone asks you a question that totally destroys the entire premise of your stupid book of propaganda.

* * *

It always amuses me that people who support socialism can so blithely talk about one of the biggest features of it without realizing that what they are talking about is part and parcel of what they want.
One of [Kim Jong Il]'s favorite things to do was "on-the-spot guidance", which he would give at construction sites, communal farms, factories, or movie sets. He'd show up and give them Kim Jong Il Pro Tips, which were accepted readily by everyone, because the alternative was to be killed immediately, or worse, sent to a labor camp with their entire family, tortured for years, and then killed.
Talking like that's not something that has happened in every last socialist state since Karl Marx grew pubes.

* * *

One of my neighbors just finished cutting his grass. I hope I have enough dry-time tomorrow that I can get mine cut.

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