atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#668: Sunday morning news

Magical diesel rock gets money from Zimbabwe government. Apparently you need not be a rocket scientist in order to be in charge in Zimbabwe. OMGWTF.

MADD says "no" to MAIA. Apparently there can be "Mothers Against" all kinds of liberal bugaboos including "war" and "guns", but there can't be "Mothers Against Illegal Aliens".

The sexualization of children continues.

"'When I am talking to my daughter, she'll sit there and say, "You don't know fashion" and how can I compete with that?' the dad asked." Well, I know how my dad would have "competed" with that.

"I'm your father and you're not dressing like that, end of discussion." And he would have made it stick, too, whether my sisters liked it or not. Further debate would have been answered with, "Okay, and now you're grounded, too." You can't be your child's best friend and expect the kid to turn out a responsible adult. For Christ's sake!

Yes the child will say vile things like, "You don't love me!" and "I hate you!" but by definition a child does not know what's best for him--that's why we have child labor laws, statutory rape laws, child pornography and abuse laws, etc, etc. That's why so many things require parental consent up to age 18.

"'There's no reason that your child should be deprived of the fashion,' Rivenbark added." What? The hell there isn't! And people wonder why our culture is hitting the skids?

Spock but no Kirk? What will the 'slash' writers do? Apparently the latest ST movie is going to be about the "old cast" despite the fact that both James Doohan (Scotty) and Deforrest Kelly (Bones) are dead. I haven't seen a single ST movie in the theater since Star Trek: Generations, anyway, because they sucked so hard. The Voyage Home was pretty much the pinnacle of ST movies, and it's so old it's got Fieros in it; after that one, they just got less and less good until the TNG cast hit--at which point, pfft, there went the franchise.

UFO nuts sue NASA. Something crashed in the Pennsylvania woods in 1965, the UFO nuts think it's a flying saucer, and they demand the proof!

...if the US government really is hiding evidence of UFO aliens on Earth, WTF is a lawsuit going to do? The military's been keeping the shit so black that there is no incontrovertible proof of such perfidy anywhere, and according to the nuts it's been going on at least since 1947--sixty years--so WTF? Nothing can be kept secret that long, especially when a large number of people have to be in on the secret.

Another millionare socialist moves to avoid paying taxes. Bono et al moved their company out of Ireland to avoid Ireland's confiscatory tax rates.

Oh well.

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