atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6677: The year of the house.

Two years, actually.

In 2017 my wife and I made an offer on the bunker to the co-owners. That has finally reached its fruition; on the 20th we took a big check to their lawyer (who's handling the escrow) and it became a fact that we own the place. The paperwork was signed in 2018--July, maybe?--but with the payment, everything is done done done.

So, now it can be told.

When Mrs. Fungus and I set out on this path, we did not expect it to take this long, nor did we expect other developments. To us, it was a simple prospect: make an offer, negotiate a sale price, issue checks, we're done.

The other parties weren't interested in negotiating; they set a price and stuck with it and would not accept one penny less. It was livable to us, though, because I owned (at the time) 25% of that price, so we were in fact only paying for 75% of the house. I was going to walk; my wife said, "No, let's just pay it." Once the price was agreed, we began renovations.

There were half a million problems. House was held in trust and selling a house out of trust is complicated. Then there was this issue and that issue. A good 50% of the problems came from the co-owners deciding that X or Y wasn't to their advantage, and unilaterally changing the deal, but none of the alterations were dealbreakers for us, so we went with it. At times we despaired of ever reaching this point. There were times when I wanted to walk away, when Mrs. Fungus wanted to walk away, when both of us were ready just to leave--but a night's sleep brought with it a calming of frayed nerves, a new resolve to take the high road, and to let it be. But here we are now: we own the house.

I have had enough, though, of being pushed around by these people.

...enough said on that point--at least, for the moment. When all this nonsense started I had promised myself to write a post detailing it...but I find myself reluctant to do so, at least not right now. I am tired of the horseshit, and it seems like rehashing it would be a waste of energy.

I forgive them. That does not mean I have to let them live rent-free in my head. That will do.

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