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#6679: Still not worth it

Apple struggles to make the Macbook keyboard as good as one found on a $500 Dell laptop. Heh.

And by the way?

That image is becoming ever more the literal truth:
The Touch ID sensor doubles as the power switch, and is paired with the T2 chip on the logic board. Fixing a broken power switch may require help from Apple, or a new logic board.
"T2" is the gateway chip, the one which--if it dies--bricks the whole computer. Isn't that lovely?

* * *

It is hard to argue the point. Certainly the left's hunger for human death seems, at time, demonic.

* * *

Hypercard was why I bought my Mac in the first place. I had designs on building, in Hypercard, an encyclopedia of my SF world's facts and figures and history. Everything was going to link to everything else, and it was going to be a fantastic tool for keeping track of people, places, times, dates, etcetera.

And a monkey was going to fly out of my butt with a winning Powerball ticket, too. The SF world was a total mess and I was working 32 hours a week and going to school, and the project fell by the wayside; and by the time I had time to work on that idea again I was in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and the Mac was 250 miles away (in my parents' basement).

Oh well. Hypercard has given us some nifty things; as I recall Myst was originally implemented using Hypercard. It's pretty powerful.

* * *

Well, last night it was warm and humid. Today it is warm and humid. Dewpoint is 70 and the toilet tank is dripping water on the floor--not because it is leaking, but because it is sweating. It was reasonably comfortable in the bunker last night, even so, but this morning it just feels sticky. I finally broke down and configured the place for active cooling, and set the thermostat to 76°; it's not really hot but the high dewpoint is making it feel like it is. AC dehumidifies.

And now my feet are cold.

* * *

This pretty well encapsulates it. The American elite, 2019, in a nutshell.

* * *

I want to go to back to bed...but I must cut the grass first.

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