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#6811: Wow, this race is getting exciting! ...where's the rest of it?

Set the DVR to record it, forgetting that a) races sometimes go long, and b) the DVR does not automatically adjust for that.

This time the race went long because of a wicked multi-frog curse at lap 173-ish, and the officials decided to red-flag it there for cleanup. So, our viewing of the race cut out right in the middle of some sportscaster talking to one of the participants in the race-stopping crash. Anyway, set up the DVR to recored the re-broadcast, adding an extra half hour (all it will do) in hopes of seeing the actual end of the thing.

Irritant: the program started at 11 AM. There was an hour-long segment in the program guide "Indy 500 Pre-Race", then the actual race, right? Supposedly the race was scheduled to start at 11:12, and I set the thing to record the race and skip the pre-race. Should have started recording at 11 AM, and the race would start (supposedly) at 11:12. I fast-forwarded past forty-five minutes of horseshit before the race actually started.

...was not going to get up at 11 AM to watch the race because we were up late last night and I wanted to sleep in. Had trouble sleeping, in fact. "I'll take 'Brain chemistry imbalances' for $200, Alex." "You need to take this pill when it's 4 AM and you're bleary-eyed tired, yet can't sleep because your hindbrain apparently thinks you are in dire peril and has cranked your flight or fight reflex to 11." "What is Xanax?" "That is right; pick again."

*sigh* I didn't get to sleep until after 5, and ended up sleeping until 2:30 because "tired" and "Xanax".

People who, in my past, were hard on me because they regarded me as slothful can kiss my ass.

* * *

Definitely won't see Captain Marvel. That post embeds a deleted scene from the movie where a guy on a motorcycle hits on her--a bit obnoxiously, I'll allow--and for his trouble is threatened with mutilation and has his motorcycle stolen.

The scene reminds one of a similar scene from Terminator Two. There are some differences.

In T2, the machine enters the bar with the intent to secure clothing and a vehicle, regardless of how. This is a machine designed to kill human beings, which has been reprogrammed to protect the live of one specific human being. It is not meant to be a hero.

In Captain Marvel, the eponymous character is meant to be a hero, someone who is supposed to right wrongs and triumph over evil. She appears to be trying to figure out how to get from where she is to where she needs to go; and according to Wikipedia she can fly "at six times the speed of sound", so one could assume she has no need of a motorcycle.

So she took it from him because a) she's much stronger than he is, b) she didn't like the way he hit on her, and c) she has the ethics and morals of a Cyberdyne series 101 Terminator.

Makes sense.

Definitely not seeing that movie, even though the people who made had the good sense to remove that scene from the official release.

* * *

"...the mere *claim* of the existence of this tape is more evidence than was ever presented against Kavanaugh, and he still got not only death threats but serious attempts at ruining his life and career." FBI declassified stuff they have on Martin Luther King, Junior. Turns out that he may have been a bit of a skunk.

* * *

The aim here is the destruction of the traditional family. That has always been the goal of the left; the traditional family does not need nearly as much government support as welfare mommas. The new transgender fad is a push from the left to further wreck society so that total government control can be realized.

* * *

This is why the income tax required a constitutional amendment. Also why the income tax was originally very small. The Founding Fathers knew that any tax, no matter how small, would eventually grow into the monstrosity it now is.

In the USA the average middle-class person expends half his income on taxes in various forms. And it's still not enough for the government.

* * *

The only thing I would add is a phrase at the end of this article: "...while patting themselves on the back for caring so much."

The policies, positions, and politicians they support is their "get out of jail free" card. It exempts them from having actually to do anything about the problems. They yell at you for owning an SUV because that exempts them from having to give up their private jets.

* * *

Democrats do not want there to be an investigation of the investigation because that will reflect badly on them.

* * *

Karl Denninger makes a good point here. The "popular vote" compact that several states are agreeing to appears to be unconstitutional. The compact is null and void unless agreed to by Congress.

Congress must pass a law allowing the compact to stand; and further, the President must sign it and--if he does not--then Congress muss pass it with a 2/3 majority to override the veto.

Otherwise, it's unconstitutional and illegal.

...I was concerned about this, until I read Denninger's post.

* * *

I honestly hope the Democrats impeach Trump. That'd be fantastic if they did.

* * *

Anyway, put a couple of chicken breasts in the oven. Olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and rosemary. 45 minutes at 400, more or less. Came out a little tough but very juicy so I'm not sure if it was the breasts or my cooking that made them tough. Even so, delicious.

Now it's 8 and I have only a few hours left of my Sunday. Tomorrow I work. Whee!

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