atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6681: Let it rain!

Rainy day today. It was not rainy yesterday, nor Saturday. I don't care. I don't have to cut the grass again until Saturday.

* * *

I wasn't going to link this because I didn't feel like it, but then I saw the handy chart that compares Watergate (Nixon) with "Spygate" (Obama).

That chart puts it all in perspective, rather neatly.

* * *

News flash, bitch: humans are omnivores. TL;DR, woman's health improves after she starts eating meat again.

* * *

A guy who fought in the Civil War posing with a jet fighter. Talk about the difference a lifetime can make!

* * *

AMD's new $500 processor outperforms Intel's $1,200 processor. The Ryzen 3900X sports 12 cores running at 4.6 GHZ.

I am betting that the Ryzen 5 (3600) would represent a big boost in speed over my current machine's i5-4570, which is four cores running at 3.2 GHz. The 3600 has six cores running at 3.6 GHz, but it uses PCI 4.0, which ought to be considerably faster than the bus in this system.

It's a heck of a thing when even the "budget" processor features face-ripping performance.

The performance of the i5-4570 is already really good. Considering it's a 4th-gen Core processor (and we're on what, seven or eighth gen now?) it's pretty obvious that it works well. Considering that I have two primary uses for the thing--WoW and Internet--I'd say it's a pretty good machine all told. At least thus far I have not seen any compelling reason to upgrade; at most right now I'd say it needs another 8 GB of RAM at the most.

Interestingly enough, the processor in this system used 22 nm lithography. We're on 10 nm now, I think.

* * *

Here's another story about Naomi Wolf and her epic fail. Hint: the meaning of words changes over time.

* * *

Well, had to go into "project" and head for the basement, because they decided to have a tornado warning here in the Fungal Vale. Maybe 20 minutes, all told. Oh well.

* * *

Last ep of Chernobyl tonight?

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