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#6683: Well, DUH

Retiring nuclear reactors "could" lead to higher carbon emissions. Yes: because you retire a carbon-free source, and it's got to be replaced with something, and natural gas plants are fast and cheap to build.

And the population is not willingly going to agree to a lower standard of living.

* * *

Yes, Chernobyl is good.

* * *

Related: Passively-cooled nuclear reactor good for 60 MW though it doesn't say if that's the thermal output or the electrical output that can be generated. There's a difference.

Most power plants generate electricity by first boiling water, and then using the resulting steam to drive a turbine which in turn runs a generator. They differ only in how they boil the water: burning coal, oil, or neutrons. These plants generate a certain amount of thermal energy, and because of the Laws of Thermodynamics only a fraction of that thermal energy can be converted into electricity.

So, a nuclear reactor may pump out 50 MW of heat, but only--say--20 MW of electricity can be generated therefrom. The rest is waste heat.

What we need to do is to approve and license two or three reactor designs for unrestrained construction. In other words, if you decide to build one, you don't need to have the NRC license it because it's already licensed. NRC licensing is expensive and time-consuming, and it's one of the biggest reasons nuclear reactors cost so much to build. Get the NRC stuff out of the way up front.

* * *

Egad, Biden! WTF! "I'll bet you're as bright as you are good looking" to a ten-year-old girl? Creepy!

* * *

The ballot box is the first of three boxes, and if the people express their will using it, count yourself fortunate and heed the message. Because next they will use the soapbox; and if that doesn't work, the cartridge box will follow.

So far, the people of England have voted every time for Brexit--first in the referendum, and then in every election since then, voting anti-Brexit politicians out of office. Listen to them.

* * *

An article decrying a racial double standard itself engages in the same kind of shenanigans when it talks about "...the Asian grooming gang scandals for example, where thousands of white girls were raped, tortured and pimped out right across the country."

"Asian", it says; technically correct, since the perpetrators came from a region which was classically referred to as part of Asia--but the perpetrators of these atrocities were muslims, a specific kind of "asian".

We can't talk about that, I guess, the same way the press can't talk about black-on-white hate crimes.

* * *

Another bit about that stupid entitled girl who was aghast that she was being arrested for taking someone's sign. It's badthink! How can you arrest me for trying to get rid of badthink? Those people over there are spewing badthink! Why are you arresting me?

Maybe if this sort of thing happened every time one of these clowns acted like that, we'd have less such behavior.

* * *

What's wrong with Game of Thrones. My wife is really upset the series is over but I am not; the ending comes as a relief to me because a) I got to find out what happens, and b) no more nihilistic amoral bullshit.

GoT is one of those series that I found entertaining while I watched it, but have no desire to see again. Like Battlestar Galactica, seeing it one time was worth the effort, but watching it again would be more work than it's worth.

I don't find that there's any rewatch value in GoT, either. Mrs. Fungus put ep 1 of it on--has done so a couple of times in the past few years--and it leaves me cold. There are no great performances in this series. The actors all do honest, good jobs of playing their roles, but because the series is not about anything in particular, it just ends up being a triphammer of death and destruction.

Actually, I take that back. Charles Dance's acting was superb. But one performance is not enough for me to want to sit through that series again.

The books--I read the first four books of the series because my wife already had copies of them, but given my druther's I'd donate them to Goodwill. I mentioned at the time that the writing of the thing was tedious (and he seemed to exhaust the thesaurus for synonyms of "horse") and it was a struggle to get through A Game of Thrones, let alone read all the way through to the end of the fourth volume, A Feast for Crows. Volume 4 was boring. I'm told that A Dance with Dragons is even more tedious, which seems improbable. That was the last book to come out, volume 5, and that was in 2011, which was eight years ago.

Too many characters, too many side stories, too many plot lines--and only a few of them held my interest at all, let alone gave me any incentive to read whatever was next. The TV series improves on this only because ten seconds of video can encompass two dozen pages of writing without dropping a single detail, and it's a lot less tedious--and as things wound onward (and the producers ran out of books) we saw all kinds of things falling by the wayside, until the disastrous last season.

So, yeah.

* * *

"I'm not at all worried that Trump will launch a bloody coup if he loses the 2020 election; I'm terrified that Joe Biden will."

The post supports that conclusion very, very well.

* * *

There is no crisis OH SHIT HELP ME THERE'S A CRISIS HERE. Grandstanding ought to come at a cost, particularly when it's Democrats doing it.

* * *

Fine, but what does it look like? I'm guessing the blobs in the top illustration is it. That looks like a standing wave, which is not all that surprising, considering. But a little more explanation would have been nice.

* * *

Last night we got hit with a deluge. Later I opened the front door for a breath of fresh air, and heard a weird sound from across the street. Put on shoes and went outside to investigate.

Now: prior to there being houses over there that whole thing was an empty field. It was low ground and flooded in the middle, and the house that sits to the bunker's NW was prone to flood during heavy rain because of it. Well, in the mid-1990s they finally got around to upgrading the drainage system in these parts, and that included putting a drain right in the lowest spot.

After the deluge last night there was a pond in that low spot, and it was (slowly) emptying into that drain, and that was the source of the weird noise.

* * *

So, my favorite YouTube stream is back and it looks like they invested in a better camera. The visual field is different, and the background is clearer. Now you can see ships passing on the horizon, and the breakwall in the near distance is much more distinct. It's a sharper image, too.

Looking forward to having the occasional gander at the place over the summer.

* * *

Caught the end of the Indy 500 last night. What a finish that was!

* * *

Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun continues to be good. I was only going to watch two eps, but two turned to three turned to four. I need better self-discipline.

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