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#6686: What a great idea

5% tariff to go into effect on all goods imported from Mexico, increasing to 25% by October, if the tide of illegals is not stemmed.

Karl Denninger points out, "Mexico can stop the invasion of Central Americans any time it wants to. It just doesn't want to." Maybe this will convince Mexito to want to.

* * *

This is going to backfire.
...if you use "Salesforce" products, even if you're not actually in the firearms industry, you'd probably be well advised to start looking for alternates. Because if you or your business aren't sufficiently woke, they might shut you off at a moments notice.
That would be a major concern for me if I were running a business. I mean, let's say--for example--that my business relied on Salesforce, and then my chief operating officer came out against gay marriage, something like this.

Given this precedent, Salesforce might then decide, "Nope, you're shut down, you bigot!" and there goes my business until and unless I can get a replacement up to speed.

I would not tolerate such a risk to my business. It's unacceptable; it's like not backing up your servers or running without virus protection. You're allowing Salesforce to determine what you sell and how you sell it, you operate at their pleasure, and they have already demonstrated their bias towards leftist thought by saying you cannot use their software if you sell badguns.

Karl Denninger explains the danger.

* * *

Related, and from the first link in that vignette, I expect that Trump supporters listened to you and are not seeing your film. Actually, I suspect it's more because the film is a yawnfest than because of Trump supporters not watching it. This is the first I've heard of it, anyway, because I don't follow film and don't care about the latest releases (I haven't even seen Endgame yet). In fact, the sum total of consciousness I have of Olivia Wilde's career post House, MD approximates 0.00...0.

Oh well.

* * *

Oh, wow. Okay, first off--the guy calls himself "Charlemagne tha God". A) you are no Charlemagne; B) you're not a god, either. (Arrogant much?) His show is called "The Breakfast Club" which is OH SO ORIGINAL.

Has Elizabeth "1/1024th" Warren on his show, and says she's the original Rachel Dolezal. Heh.

* * *

On the plus side, at least the guy doesn't have a dragon roast them where they stand.
Kim Jong-un has executed his envoy to the U.S. for 'betraying the supreme leader' as part of ruthless purge of officials after the dictator's failed summit with Donald Trump, it has been claimed.
Put that one somewhere near twirling his mustache and tying a woman to train tracks. Geeze louise, could you get any more cliched, having your people executed for failure? Shit. I mean, I'm all for accountability and all, but these communists just don't know when to quit.

* * *

People like Trump. Interesting, isn't it?

* * *

THis has been at the top of the "watch ASAP" list since I learned of its existence. Mainly because I read this book and laughed my ass off at it, and in fact that book is the whole reason dwarves have scots accents.

Prior to about 1993, dwarves had english accents. (Look at The Hobbit, Rankin-Bass version). But then I read Good Omens and was introduced to Sergeant Shadwell, and the line in the book that made me laugh until I almost hurled was when he insulted someone: "Ye great southern pillock."

From that, a friend of mine and I generated this huge comedic riff on this scotsman who fought against the undead, named Angus, who had a sidekick named "Lackey" (several, one at a time, serially, because they tend to get used up). And all kinds of crazy things happened with Angus.

So! When I joined the D&D campaign he was part of, I played a dwarf--Thorgrimm Stonebender--who had an uncle Angus. And of course Uncle Angus had that accent. First time any of us had ever heard of a dwarf with a scots accent; no one had done it before--and these were people who were very, very widely read in the fantasy genre.

So, dwarves with scots accents--that's me. (Or "us", at least.) You're welcome. All inspired by that book.

* * *

From the "The Science is Settled!" department we have this: "Checking against multiple methods shows our estimates have been off." The "proven science" of anthropogenic global warming is full of estimates and adjustments, and now the "proven science" has developed another wrinkle: apparently the oceans absorb more CO2 than was estimated.

You know, because "proven science" is based entirely on estimates and adjustments, not hard facts and measurements.

* * *

Man-made moons. That's what satellites are; and in fact before we could pitch things into orbit "satellite" was just a fancy synonym for "Moon". And Starlink will put thousands of them up there. Win.

* * *

Finished Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun last night. Sooo good.

* * *

Watched this movie last night with Mrs. Fungus. Aniara was the story of this ship taking a load of people from Earth to Mars, only something happens and the ship goes off course and the engines no longer work.


A lot of problems with the setup of this one. They have gravity control and direct computer-brain interfaces, but they don't have fusion power? The ship's reactor threatens to melt down so they eject the fuel, but there's still enough power to run the gravity control and the lights and-and-and. They only have the one reactor (and no backup reactor) for propulsion. They're unable to call for help. There are no other ships. No one apparently notices when the ship doesn't get to Mars three weeks after leaving Earth.

--that part they got right: the ship boosts once, for a few minutes, and is left moving fast enough to get to Mars in three weeks, so it's clearly moving well above solar escape velocity.

But besides that, I thought of something this morning, too. Their backup food supply is algae from the ship's atmosphere plant. Just algae. Um--malnutrition would be a serious problem given that algae is not exactly the shmoo. Even algae and yeast wouldn't do it.

Overall the story left me cold. Plus side, I don't need to watch it again.

* * *

Today I paid half the government rent on the bunker. Whee. Today's the last day of May 2019 and the last day of the workweek. I have to cut the grass tomorrow.


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