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#6687: How do you stop this?

Shooter in Virginia Beach had a suppressor. What people (incorrectly) refer to as a "silencer". Essentially, a muffler for guns. And that means this is not a case of some guy snapping, getting a gun, and then shooting up his workplace. You can't just go buy a suppressor.

In the US, it is a lengthy and complicated process to buy a suppressor. Karl Denninger lays it out:
Suppressors require a roughly six month wait while the BATFE conducts an extremely thorough background investigation, including fingerprints. They are individually serialized exactly as is a firearm and cannot be bought over the counter.
This is not to buy a firearm; this is to buy something that makes a firearm less noisy. Oh, and the "tax stamp" for a suppressor costs $200.

Karl Denninger says that this guy "...was squeaky-clean at federal, state and local levels." He had a very, very thorough background check when he bought the suppressor. Background checks do not prevent gun crimes.

It is possible that the suppressor was home-made. It is not a terribly complex thing to make; you can make one with a tin can and some steel wool. It won't last very long, but it will muffle the first shot or two, anyway. There are a variety of ways to make them, which are increasingly complex (and therefore durable) but one would assume that if the suppressor were home-made they would have said so.

* * *

Illinois is going to vastly increase the cost of owning a gun. $150 fee for fingerprinting and a background check plus $20 for a 5-year card.

...and as the post points out, the overall fate of the FOID law is currently in question, having been ruled unconstitutional. That case is going to appeal, of course, but given the recent jurisprudence there's a good chance the whole thing will be struck down.

* * *

"Shaving equals slavery." Oh, please. The only women who say these things are women who no self-respecting man would be caught dead with anyway. Go ahead and stop shaving if you don't like it; it won't change anything.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but these womens' appearance is not the problem; it's their personalities. Screeching harpies, to a one.

* * *

"Every child CAN learn!" This is true. However, every child does not want to learn. There are plenty of children who are utterly uninterested in learning anything. It is foolish and useless to attempt to force them to attend school.
...the day after I quit, I went to spend a nice, restful week in one of Atlanta’s premier facilities: the psych ward at Peachford Hospital.

What put me there, you ask?

Spending nearly three years trying in vain to educate (or even control) uncivilized, unintelligent, impulsive, violent, illiterate five- to ten-year-olds, all the while being told that "Every Child CAN Learn," and that any failure to do so is the fault of incompetent teachers.
Education begins with the parents. If the parents don't give a fuck, the kid is unlikely to.

Black culture insists that paying attention in school, obeying the rules, trying to learn and become educated, all of that is "acting white" and those who try to do those things are bullied until and unless they desist. It's difficult to be patient and disciplined, and put in effort; it's much easier to behave like an animal, collect your government cheese every month, and make money selling drugs. Of course your life expectancy is in the toilet, but you've never cared about preparing for the future before.

Here's the endgame.

* * *

London is turning into a shithole but the multiculti-pomo-SJW-NPC asshats think that's just fine.

* * *

I thought that Common Core was part of the massive expansion of the socialized educational apparatus that was signed by George W. Bush. "Common Core" has been a massive disaster, regardless of whose pen made it law. Federalizing the socialized education system was a big mistake anyway; we don't need federal control of a lot of things and education is one of the big ones.

* * *

Warm yesterday, warm today--just enough that AC use is not warranted. I need to go get the grass cut even though the immediate back yard is still swampy.

Then? I want to do some other things. Further bulletins as events warrant.

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