atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6688: Well, that's something, I guess

So, got the grass cut, by hook or by crook.

After cutting the east 40, I got the pusher out, and managed to get the front and the south side cut before I ran out of steam. Came inside and rested a bit, had some liquid, then went back out...and the damned pusher would not start. I mean, it wasn't even trying to run; there's plenty of gas in it and the oil level was fine--and it had been running perfectly a few minutes earlier!--but now it was inert, so I put it away and got the tractor back out to cut the back. Argh etc.

Meanwhile, I'd put the motorcycle on its battery charger, and by the time all the grass cuttery was done, it would crank a couple revs before dying, so at least the battery's still able to take a charge.

Started working on the garage a bit--putting Buttercup on the charger so it will get charged up, and maybe we can take her for a little spin this weekend--and then turning my attention to my tool chest. You see, I wanted to take Dad's old toolbox and put it atop my toolbox. Foolishly, I accomplished that task...and then found that with the lid closed, the drawers won't open. So I'll have to take the thing down, modify the locking mechanism so it doesn't, and then put it back up there. Argh etc.

Then Mrs. Fungus wanted food, so we decided we'd go get some at a taqueria that opened nearby; I figured I'd take the used oil in at the same time. And while we were at the parts store Mrs. Fungus decided we should go to the grocery store and get some things, so we did that...with the result that when we were waiting for our food at the restaurant, the darkening skies to the west were worrying me that we wouldn't get home before the rain began.

With my motorcycle still sitting in the driveway, a battery charger running. No thanks.

Anyway, long story short, we made it home in time, and I got the bike in the garage (still charging) well before it began to rain.

Probably let them both charge overnight, though if I'm doing that I want to knock the car charger down to "trickle" mode. The bike charger is a trickle charger, so no worries there.

Hosed down a bunch of weeds with Roundup, too. Mrs. Fungus helped a lot with that part, doing the patio and along the north side of the house.

But of course the push mower not working means I need to fix it. Toro "guaranteed to start!" but I seem to have an inordinate amount of trouble with it. *sigh*

That'll be a project for tomorrow, I think. Then working on the bike, and getting the garage a little closer to some semblance of order.

It's a process. We'll get there.

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