atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6689: Well, they both started

At about 10 PM last night I went out to the garage and gave 'em a try.

Bike started and ran on its own. Left it running for a little bit, and she didn't miss a beat until I turned the choke off. Fine.

Car cranked, and cranked, and cranked, but then sputtered to life. The car has--since we bought it--needed a carb adjustment, so being dead cold it wouldn't stay running without my foot on the gas. That's probably the choke and maybe idle mix, then make sure the timing is right, then fiddle the carb a bit more, then get the timing right, then--


* * *

Gadzooks, option D is the least evil of them. And it's still not good.

No, no Twitter for me, thanks.

* * *

Twitter is full of leftist dickheads, anyway.

* * *

I always wondered if there was even a grain of truth to the story in Amadeus. Well, it turns out, there is. Someone did try to get Mozard to compose something he could then pass off as his own, but it wasn't Antonio Salieri. In fact, Salieri sounds like he was a pretty nice guy, all told.

* * *

A couple from Second City Cop:

A whole one fewer person murdered in May 2019 as opposed to May 2018.

Meanwhile, Chicago police were mass-emailed a craptastic note from a dumbass. It starts with, "I try to avoid the police in Chicago (because y'all have a tendency to shoot unarmed subjects)...."

This response, from the comments, was golden:
Dear erika , I avoid the east, south and west side of Chicago (cause y'all have a tendency to shoot anything and anyone that moves , like pregnant mommies, cars with 4 wheels, dummies standing in parks and sitting on the porch, old people and kids). But I also avoid many other parts of this city were y'all frequent, like downtown , Wrigleyville, south loop, west loop, Rogers Park, Lakeview, Lincoln Park, Wicker Park, Bucktown, Near North, Hyde Park, Boys town; actually the whole city. So, thank you in advance for when y'all actually do something, anything that would encourage me to spend another minute that don't have to in this city . — Unarmed Victim

* * *

Well, up late last night and had a panic attack to boot. Going to sign off and get a nap before I do anything else. That's probably just the Xanax talking, but I do prefer to rest on my weekends.

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