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#6690: Gadzooks, stay out of the cities.

Approximately thus.
To the surprise of precisely nobody, a government which welcomes illegal immigrants, allows people to live like animals (under the guise of "compassion") and muzzles the police from actual policing ends up with a situation that is (unexpectedly!) dire.
To the surprise of anyone who isn't actually supporting the lunatic policies that led them there, that is.

Not enforcing vagrancy laws (or repealing them altogether) is an example of misplaced compassion, and it comes back to bite you when you have piles of trash in the streets, people living in tent villages, squalor and disease everywhere. It doesn't help you, and it certainly doesn't help them--not in the long term, and not even in the middle term. All it does is make you feel better about yourself in the short term.

That's enough for plenty of leftists, though, which is why "blue" cities have this kind of problem in the first place.

* * *

The result of importing 80,000 muslim Somalis. But, hey! At least some elites got to pat themselves on the back for being so compassionate, right?

* * *

Allowing anyone who crosses the Mexican border with a child to stay results in...?
A group of illegals from Angola, Cameroon and Congo waded across the Rio Grande River and into the United States, video from Customs and Border Protection shows.
You see, this is why President Trump is doing that tariff thing to Mexico.

* * *

The only leftist-approved racism is anti-white racism. You can be racist against white people all you want; but the instant you're racist in any other direction, watch out.
...attendees were asked to discuss various life experiences that inspired them to fight for social justice.

One high-ranking school official--a white, Jewish man, described his family's experience in the Holocaust and Nazi concentration camps.

He was publicly chastised by his own colleagues, with one woman saying "This is not about being Jewish! This is about black and brown boys of color only. You better check yourself."
Looks like someone didn't get the memo: Jews are white people and white people are all racists of privilege.

Basically: "So, why did you decide to do X?" "Well, because my family had a bad experience." "That's not a good reason because you're white!"

I mean, why do Jews think that the Democrat party is turning anti-semitic? (Again?) It's because they've decided that their future is "people of color", that's why. America is on track to become a minority white nation, and the Democrat party has decided on a strategy to capture that vote.

And if you think these people are anti-white racists now, just you wait until the whole package arrives.

* * *

So, the Illinois legislative session has ended for the summer.
We read the entire article. Then we ran a word search on it. Do you know what doesn't appear anywhere in the article?
debt service
So that ballooning pension shortfalls? Going to get bigger.
The first two items in that list don't help Democrats, for the simple reason that spending any money on those things takes away from the money they can spend on things that will make them rich and powerful--infrastructure spending, you know, and things like that.

Spending money paying down the state debt, covering the pension shortfall, that doesn't benefit anyone (at least, anyone who matters) so of course that's ignored.

* * *

This is exactly how it works.

* * *

How did Rob "Meathead" Reiner get away with saying all those things about Obama?

Oh. I am informed that he did, in fact, say that about Trump and not Obama.

Well, who gives a fuck what Meathead thinks, anyway?

* * *

CNN apparently thinks that all black people are felons. Quoth CNN: "Trump wants GOP to court black voters--then slams voting rights for felons."

CNN is trying to make Trump look hypocritical. Instead, CNN is revealing that it is racist.

If you are simply relating two pieces of news you would not present them with the em dash, as that implies contrast. Two pieces of news: "Trump wants GOP to court black voters, then slams voting rights for felons." Or, "Trump slams voting rights for felons, but wants GOP to court black voters."

* * *

Little Hitler is such a fuckhead. Tweeting about there being a school shooting "every week"--we've dealt with that horseshit already. There's only been one "every week" if you stretch the definition far beyond the common sense one.

You know, like two adult men getting into a fight over drugs on school property around midnight, and shooting each other--the feds call that a "school shooting".

But it used to be that a man could walk into a gun store, plop down his cash, and walk out of there with a fully-automatic weapon the same day, without a background check, without a waiting period--and in those days there was less violent crime than there is now. A lot less.

Why do you suppose that is?

* * *

"I cannot spare this man. He fights." Trump doesn't just defend; he fights back. That is what the Democrats hate most about him. That is why they want to destroy him.

* * *

People who tell you that "97% of all scientists agree" is misinformed or deliberately lying.

* * *

Nazi Germany's failed nuclear program. They could have had a working reactor if they'd put half again as many cubes into the thing. They had enough refined uranium to do it, but they partitioned their program into three separate places, which is what doomed their effort.

* * *

I am hoping I won't need this information. I really need to get something that will let me hook my 1541 to a PC so I can copy all the floppies to CD-R.

* * *

Used Googe Earth to have a look at the town near Touji Beach, the subject of my favorite YouTube stream. It's really neat, being able to look at a place that way.

Saturday night I decided to watch the first ep of 801 TTS Airbats and a scene in that ep made me fire up Googe Earth again, this time to have a gander at Iruma Air Base. There's a scene where one of the characters is standing by the runway and the camera is looking back at the hangars, and there are a ton of antennae in the background. I was able to find two of them, and from there pinpoint an approximate location where the character had to be standing.

...with the understanding that the series was animated in 1993 and the oldest Googe Earth image was from 2003. Things changed a bit--but those two big dish antennae were still there. The images they used for references were probably older still. Anyway, with a little more detective work I'd bet I could find a couple of places in the satellite view which were represented in the anime. If I cared that much.

* * *

Absolutely nothing accomplished on Sunday. I cleaned the grill and grilled sausages (brats for me, polish for Mrs. Fungus). Played a little WoW. It was a glorious day but I was just flat, so I let myself be flat and relaxed as much as I could. Went to bed when Mrs. Fungus did--and despite that would have been happy to remain in bed all day if I could have.

Tomorrow I need to take Maki to the vet. He's been scratching at his right ear too much, so he's got a raw spot on his head. Need to figure out why he's scratching there so much and put a stop to it.

* * *

Well, it's Monday. Not much else to say about that. Tonight is the last ep of Chernobyl and I'm looking forward to that.

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