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"New" means "old". DARPA is going to test a "dramatically new propulsion technology": letting the sun heat a can of water so it makes steam, and then venting the steam to vacuum, thus producing thrust.

Hero's Engine, Alexandria, approximately 50 AD.

Guys: just putting something in space does not make it "dramatically new". NASA keeps making the same mistake; are you guys going with the same playbook, or what?

JUst say "no" to metal shavings. Samples have been taken for analysis.

How much did NASA pay for the stupid thing? There shouldn't be any "rubbing" or "corroding" or "discoloration" going on in the thing. But--oh!--we can make history again by fixing a space station! *sigh*

Finally, near and dear to my heart: The galaxy has no clothes. No such thing as "dark matter", say two Canadian scientists.

"In every revolution," said the great warrior-philosopher-lover-pilot-mechanic James Tiberius Kirk, "there is one man with a vision." So here we go: finally someone who's willing to say, "Look, that new wardrobe the emperor has--it doesn't freaking exist."

I don't like the "dark matter" and "dark energy" theories because they're too chimerical: 90% of the universe is undetectable? What the hell kind of theory is that? You might as well say that 90% of the universe is wishful thinking, or that God's angels are making it happen. If you need an undetectable force or mass to make your theory work, there just might be something wrong with your theory. That's a basic application of Occam's Razor, for crying out loud.

(I know I'm a Christian. But scientific theory should not rely on God, since there is no variable or constant to account for Him. He built the universe to work a certain way which we should be able to describe with mathematics. At least, to a point. And my religious philosophy states that we should not be able to tell the difference between a universe which was created by God and one that "just happened", anyway.)

Finally, I'm saving this nifty Halloween-themed header for posterity:

Edited using the majick of MS Paint, to narrow the image a bit, since I roll at a native resolution of 1680x1050... :P

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