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#6696: This USED TO be obvious

"Lesbians don't have penises".

* * *

On Kansas' album Point of Know Return, there's a song, "Sparks of the Tempest", which ended up being the title of the final volume of the series of SF stories I'm writing. Not too many months ago I decided I'd change the title to "Sparks in the Tempest" instead, for a variety of reasons. But regardless of the preposition, it's a good song.

...last year sometime, probably while I was cutting the grass, it occurred to me that the song is actually about marxism. Or could be, at least, since the only one who really knows what it's about is Kerry Livgren. But looking it up online I see I'm not the only one to conclude thus, so at least the song evokes that theme.

The last verse begins, "Big Brother is watching, and he likes what he sees...," but that's not why I think thus. That's icing on the cake; the other lyrics talk about the ruin of society and the rise of violence and so forth, and every last bit of it fits nicely to the path marxism has taken since Karl Marx vomited forth his evil upon the Earth.

There are a host of Kansas songs which have helped to shape some of the story elements of my stuff. In no particular order, album in parentheses after:
Child of Innocence (Masque)
Mysteries and Mayhem (Masque)
The Pinnacle (Masque)
Sparks of the Tempest (Point of Know Return)
Lightning's Hand (Point of Know Return)
Carry on Wayward Son (Leftoverture)
Chasing Shadows (Vinyl Confessions)
Icarus II (Somewhere to Elsewhere)
The themes that run through these songs have ended up appearing in my stuff, one way or another. Not very well--certainly not as eloquently or evocatively as Livgren and Kansas managed--but they are there. There are many other songs I could add to that list, but in fact those other songs are more like "background" than central themes.

"The Pinnacle", in particular, is written from the viewpoint of someone who cannot die, and who--all too late--has realized how terrible a fate immortality is. When I was a freshman in high school I really listened to that song and started to pick up on the theme of it; but as blown away as I was by it, doing anything with it seemed a distant dream. And it wasn't until I revamped the setting for the Alternity RPG that I really found a way to use it.

That one song is responsible, then, for half the story in each of three different books I've written; and furthermore, its theme is one of the primary themes of the world in which I write.

Could be worse, I suppose.

Speaking of which, in my perusal the other night of the latest bits of AV, I realized that I have quite a corker of a story brewing, here. Last night I tossed and turned for a while, the story elements rumbling around in my brain like cinder blocks in a clothes dryer, and thought a bit about the "rules" for this chapter.

Unlike volumes 1 and 2, I'm not showing the bad guys; I'm not even taking the narrative to where they are--and that's working, building suspense like crazy because no one knows what's happening and all kinds of weird things keep taking place. Where I have stalled is at the very beginning of the big space battle; and I've stalled--I think--because I need to sit down with my ruled gaming mat and make some counters and get a gander at how it should go. I've got a fleet of 25 ships bearing down on another fleet of similar size. This is going to be good! But I need to describe it; and in order to describe it I need to see it.

* * *

Tomorrow is Saturday, and not a moment too soon.

Hoping, tomorrow, to get the bike running and the Mustang running and everything neatened up to the point that everything is accessible. Have to see how that goes.

Despite my complaints, I'm actually glad that I woke up early today--because if I had not, I would not have gotten that crap done that needed doing. "Jeep not starting" threw a wrench into things, and me being up early offset that completely. Guess I woke up that early because I needed to.

After the last post went up I tried starting the Jeep, and it simply would not start--until I held the gas pedal down. Then it cranked over, and would only stay running if I kept my foot on it. That shit again! But then I was able to start it normally and it ran fine, so off I went--but at both city hall and the grocery store I merely locked the truck and left it running, rather than shut it off, because I didn't want to get stranded.

It probably would have been okay. Only "probably", though.

Tired of this stuff, really I am. It ran fine last Saturday, after all. When was the last time I went anywhere besides that? Didn't I...?

No. No, I didn't. Saturday the 1st we went out for mexican food, and that was the last time I drove her. --so that's going onto the list: "Get new battery for Jeep."

Along with everything else I've got to do.

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