atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6698: That's better!

Oh, man, do I ache now. But it's worth it.

Since the post went up, here's how my day went:

First, I cut the grass. There was just enough fuel left in the gas can for me to do it without having to go buy any.

Last week when I cut it, I used the tractor to cut the east 40, then used the pusher to cut the front and south side. By the time I'd finished that I was plum tuckered, so I stopped for a rest. Once I was able to breathe normally again, I tried to cut the back yard with the pusher, but it wouldn't go, so I used the tractor. Then I got a bit of a start on cleaning the garage, and getting both the Mustang, Buttercup, and my motorcycle charged up and started.

Accomplished naught else last weekend, because it rained.

Today, I was able to cut the front, sides, and back yard with the pusher without having to stop! I went right through! I'm making progress! (Of course I cut the east 40 with the tractor, first.) My physical condition is actually improving, though, and that's awesome.

After a rest from that, I got out the weed whacker and whacked weeds.

Then: hit the garage with the intention of making all that happen. Got the Mustang out of there and into the driveway, and started working on organizing everything. Had Mrs. Fungus order us a pizza; had some of that, and then we decided to go get ice cream.

Took Buttercup to the old Cone Cottage; had ice cream and took a nice long drive in the Mustang, enjoying every second. Once I'd gotten the car backed out of the garage I took the air cleaner off and fiddled with the carb a bit. Mostly, I twiddled the idle and idle mix a little bit, so now it's not idling quite as high as it used to. It still needs a lot of further tuning, but it's better; and she purred like a kitten and did not threaten to stall once. The odor of gasoline has been reduced, too.

While we were eating our ice cream, the original owner of Buttercup came over to us and introduced himself. This is the guy who took the old car and rejuvenated it into what we have now; he and his wife were there for ice cream and the four of us had quite a nice little chat. Turns out he and the guy we bought it from had been neighbors. Neat.

Anyway, once home from there, I repaired to the garage and went to work again. I moved and cleaned and organized, and when I was done, I had more than enough room to slot Buttercup in, and everything is accessible once again.

It was a lot of work, but I'm really happy to have done it. Even though I'm going to be in pain tomorrow. Heh.

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