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#6699: Hey, it's rotationally symmetric.

Rotate 6699 180° around a point between the middle 6 and 9, and it's still 6699!

* * *

Mrs. Fungus and I binge-watched Good Omens this weekend. Excellent job. Must-see.

* * *

"How about 'bitch'? Does 'bitch' work for you?" Hah! Agree and amplify!

* * *

Was she actually seen in public? Ruth Bader Ginsburg hasn't been seen in public for a rather long time. Is she out and about again? Are there pictures? Is there video? I'd sure like to see it.

* * *

Someone is testing something sinister. GPS is degraded just enough that it can't be used for commercial aircraft.

* * *

Marxism, aka socialism, aka communism, is not just evil but incorrect as well.
Socialism in all its forms substitutes rationing for a price mechanism. Rationing creates shortages, and worsen whatever alleged problem the rationing was allegedly introduced to alleviate.

Socialism in all its forms therefore promises prosperity while delivering poverty. The vast majority of socialist writing consists of inventing ad hoc explanations blaming something other than the inevitable disincentives created by socialism for the resulting lack of wealth.
Where we start having problems is in the people who want to implement socialism. For many of them, the penury that socialism creates is a feature, not a bug. It's what they want to have happen.

Because, as Orwell pointed out, that is how you prove you have power over someone: by making him miserable. If he must accept it, you're in charge. The fact that socialism is illogical crap enables the evil it does.

* * *

Throwing shit into a gale-force headwind. Maxine Waters tried to get people to call President Trump names by saying that Trump is good at making up "disrespectful" nicknames for everyone else, and asking, "What name would you call him?"

And she got inundated with answers like, "Mr. President". And other, more--shall we say--"piquant" answers. She tried to crowdsource her next campaign slogan, and it backfired.


* * *

Well, weekend's nearly over, and I wish it weren't. *sigh* Plus side, there'll be another one next week!

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