atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6700: Note to self

Two things I need to remember about going to the Cone Cottage for ice cream.

1) Stop getting crunch coat. It's not the old "twinkle coat" and it just slows down eating the ice cream so that it's half-molten by the time I chew through its reactive armor.

2) Never get a "large". FFS, that was probably a whole pint of ice cream.

Their "strawberry sherbet/vanilla twist" is delicious, but it's not that damned delicious.

* * *

It was cool today (again) but humid, and it only got worse as the evening wore on. When we finished watching Good Omens we repaired to the bedroom for a little lie-down, and I closed up the house and turned on the AC to dehumidify. Now it's in the sixties outside but foggy. Sticky.

Come to think of it, that's about 65% of the days I ran the AC last summer, too. Where's all this global warming I keep hearing about?

* * *

This bears thinking about. I don't have much use for an oscilloscope right now but $29 gets me what I need to essentially build one. WTF I have a Raspberry Pi; why not do this?

So that's on the list, along with the upgrade for the Jeep's headlights that cost $25.

But if I really can get the bike going this summer, I'm probably going to work on making it less screwy than currently--doing things like replacing the clutch, fixing the oil leaks, etcerera. The latter will entail buying (or making) some new gaskets.

I'm going to need to figure out when to do this stuff, too. Tired of only working on things on Saturday and/or Sunday. I'd either have to get up early and do it before work, or fiddle after Mrs. Fungus has gone to bed. Either way there are pros and cons. *sigh*

* * *

Even though I had a nap, I feel like going to bed early tonight. WTF.

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