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They're even worse for you than previously thought. FFS if you have too much "bad" cholesterol, cut carbs from your diet first. But of course I am not a doctor.

* * *

Foamed metal is extra-good as armor. They call it "metal foam" but then say this:
[Composite Metal Foam] is a foam that consists of hollow, metallic spheres—made of materials such as stainless steel or titanium—embedded in a metallic matrix made of steel, titanium, aluminum or other metallic alloys. In this study, the researchers used steel-steel CMF, meaning that both the spheres and the matrix were made of steel.
That sounds like they make the hollow spheres first, somehow, and then stir them into something else.

However they make it, it sure is interesting stuff.

* * *

As usual, "climate change" is to blame for power being shut off. To prevent wildfires, California's power company is shutting the juice off, and of course that's causing blackouts.

But it has nothing to do with "climate change". It has to do, instead, with California's complete lack of forest management. They don't clear underbrush. They don't make firebreaks. Then one spark and WHOOSH the whole thing goes up.

* * *

Done correctly, even large machines can be taken from their crates and assembled using nothing more than hand tools. Of course, the packing process needs to be carefully designed to enable this.

I've seen that video. It's fascinating; but what's more it is an example of technical writing done correctly.

Here's what I mean. Bad technical writing: "Remove the nut securing the panel." Good technical writing: "Using a 1/4" wrench, remove the nut securing the panel." When you are providing instructions on disassembly to someone, you should always tell them what tool to use to accomplish the task, especially when it comes to any kind of "sized" fastener like nuts and bolts. Could be 1/2", 13mm, or whatever--let the reader know what wrench to use, because that is what the manual is for: telling them how to disassemble and reassemble whatever it is.

"Remove the four Philips-head screws securing the bezel to the instrument panel" is good technical writing. "Remove the screws" is not.

* * *

Hungary is just ahead of the curve, is all.

* * *

When Aparthied ended, the ANC was handed the keys to a fully functional first world economy. South Africa is one no longer. It's all thanks to socialism, of course. Just like Zimbabwe!

* * *

So, it was reported that a former state senator from Arkansas, a Republican woman, was murdered. It seemed senseless.

Ah. Apparently, "...she believed she was closing in on a child-trafficking ring working from within the Arkansas state government."

There is some speculation that this has something to do with a certain well-connected family which was once very big in Arkansas politics. There is no proof. A fiver says whatever proof this senator may have had has mysteriously gone missing.

But why wouldn't a corrupt government, engaged in something so heinous as child sex trafficking, murder people?

Kind-of related: Illegals pay to be taken to the USA and they do it via remittances--sending money to people in Mexico.

I think it's time to end remittances.

* * *

Facebook demonstrates that the "honk" meme is effective--by banning it. When something stupid happens and someone says "Honk" that has now been determined to be hate speech, because it indicates that something belongs in a "clown world".

Example: "Man gives birth to healthy baby, declines to say what gender: 'Xe can decide for ximself when xe is old enough." "HONK!" (That one would actually be worthy of two honks: one for the female-to-male transsexual "Man gives birth" construction, and one for the poor kid who's going to need a shitton of therapy later in life.)

Another example: WTF
[Man-Eaters] is a story about what it's like to be a cis gendered female coming of age in a culture that consistently reinforces the messaging that periods are shameful, that our bodies are shameful, and that womanhood--and the biology that goes along with it--is something gross and not for polite company" and clarified that she believes that "You don't have to have a uterus to be a woman. Anyone who thinks that hasn't been paying attention."

Who the hell says periods are shameful? What is this, 1925? Nobody says that. It's a bodily function. No one's going to celebrate your period; if that's what you're thinking, you might as well forget it--but I've never met a person who said they were shameful.


And by the way, that's not what the story is about. The story is about a 14-year-old girl who transforms into a freaking were-cat when she menstruates. It's a lycanthropy story with a twist.


* * *

The delusion on display here is almost shocking. The five-bladed razor of feminism: declaring that pregnancy is violence.
...looking at the biology of the hemochorial placentation helps me think about the violence that, innocently, a fetus meets out vis-a-vis a gestator. That violence is an unacceptable violence for someone who doesn't want to do gestational work. The violence that the gestator meets out to essentially go on strike or exit that workplace is an acceptable violence.
"Metes". The word is "metes". "the gestator"--I assume this person means mother--metes out violence against the fetus (aborts it) because it hit her first, by forcing her to "do gestational work".

This is breathtakingly delusional.

Let me examine this process from a non-delusional, science-loving viewpoint, and see if I can untangle it.

A woman has sex with a man, without contraceptives. The first step in this process is the one where she exposes herself to the possibility that she might be impregnated (by having sex with a man) and, further, takes no steps to prevent a pregnancy, or takes half measures, so that if it's the one day of the month where she is fertile, she will conceive. Whose fault is this?

In most cases it will be her fault, for deciding to have sex under those circumstances. The purpose of sex is not a secret, and by the time you're old enough to be interested in it you should know enough what can happen when you do it. I was raised in a fairly conservative small town and I knew enough about sex at age 11 that when the school system got around to teaching us about it at ages 12, 13, and 15 I could have taught the classes myself. It's not rocket science.

There are some cases where the man will be at fault. Not just rape but some other circumstances, such as when a guy deliberately pokes a hole in the condom (or does whatever) to knock her up. The pill prevents most of these, and the pill is not expensive or hard to get.

So how, pray tell, does that make it the baby's fault?

Understand: the baby did not keep its mother from using contraception. It did not coerce its father into circumventing the contraceptives. Babies don't campaign for the abolition of birth control. How is the baby responsible for the woman's actions? The baby wasn't just floating around in the air when it saw her and decided, "I know! I'll gestate in her! That'll fuck up her life!"

The baby's existence is not violence. Anyone who argues that it is has a serious mental problem, or else is seriously trying to avoid responsibility like a five-year-old. Shit.

They're either insane, or evil.

* * *

Ah, the usual euphemism.
Corbin Trent, Ocasio-Cortez's communications director, said that when she thinks down the road, she thinks in terms of transitioning Democrats to a party that's unified around progressive policies.
"Progressive policies" means, effectively, communism.

Of course. Because anyone saying that they want to transition the Democrat party to one that's "unified around progressive policies" thinks that the Democrats are too right-wing.

* * *

"Fake Science is beginning to face the cruel realization that Nature is calling its bluff." If those glaciers are to be gone by 2020, it will have to be not only an infernally hot summer, but also a very hot autumn and early winter, too. 2020 is not that far away--a bit more than six months.

Get used to it, guys. The Earth is cooling. Human emissions have nothing to do with it, either; the sun is in an extended minimum. If there is anything at all to the "global warming" theory we should be--if anything--increasing our carbon emissions to offset the cooling effect of the solar minimum.

Incidentally, This commentor is not me but he might as well be. Heh.

* * *

This asshat has been a NeverTrumper all along but a couple of weeks ago when he opened his piehole the lefties were all agog over him. "Ohhhh, a Republican says Trump needs to be impeached! See? SEEE? Trump needs to go now!!!! Even the Rethugnicans agreeee!!!!!"


The guy's a putz. No one in the right wing listens to him.
They're liars and grifters and should be driven out of public office and frankly public life. If you cannot admit your actual political position -- what the fuck are you doing in politics? Who needs you to pollute the public debate with diversions and deceit?
* * *

For crying out loud--fuck you, GM!

We bailed their ass out when they faced bankruptcy, and they have the unmitigated gall to build a car plants in China?

I'm glad the China tariffs will hit them. This is bullshit, and the tariffs are working correctly if they force GM to manufacture its cars in the US.

* * *

This is certainly futuristic. An autonomous factory that will build rockets capable of lifting a ton to low Earth orbit. Neat.

* * *

They try so hard to spin Trump's victories as defeats because the Democrats are certainly tired of all the winning going on. "When Democrat-Socialists are crying, America is winning." And they sure are crying a lot!

* * *

Gangs are the problem. I can't say it enough. The gangs are the problem. Get rid of the gangs and you get rid of the violence.
Most violence in the American ghetto involves blacks killing other blacks. This is complicated for liberals and Democrats. They can't blame this on "whitey," systemic racism, the police or the National Rifle Association. The cultural rot involved in this violence has the left tied in knots.

Many of the symptoms of the cultural dysfunction in the ghetto have been perpetuated by the left's failed social engineering experiments. Take, for instance, that effective crime control depends on the use of jails and prisons. The junk science of liberal critical race theory has convinced judges and prosecutors to look at the race of the offender and all the injustices done to black people over time and give that more weight in sentencing than the perpetrator's action that landed them in a courtroom. The left is systematically ridding the criminal justice system of the vital tool of incarceration. They claim that too many young black men are locked up, even those jailed for serious crimes and those involving repeat offenders. Not locking up violent criminals leaves them on the street to commit more crime because there is no fear of swift and severe consequences for their unwanted behavior.
WTF, the closure rate on murder cases in Chicago is abysmally low--well under 20%--which means if you're a black man and you kill another black man down in "tha hood" you've got an 80% chance of never being punished for it. Never even being arrested for it, much less put on trial.

* * *

Much the same way that CNN compared Trump's outreach to blacks to his position on allowing convicted felons to vote, the left constantly applies what Trump says about illegal aliens to all hispanics.

The idea here is obfuscation: to spin anti-illegal alien rhetoric as anti-immigrant. You see, if I say, "Those illegal aliens are depressing wages!" I'm making a statement about a very narrowly-defined demographic. Further, the vast middle out there tends to prefer law and order, so a rather broad spectrum of Americans would nod their heads and agree that illegal immigration needs to be curtailed.

But the broad majority of Americans are either pro-legal-immigration, or at least neutral on the subject, because there is a huge number of American citizens whose forebears hail from all over the world. "My grandparents emigrated from Germany in 1925," someone might say proudly. Or Ireland, or where-the-hell-ever.

That's why the left snips the word "illegal" off the phrase "illegal immigration". They want to get that broad majority on their side, and they don't care how they do it; so when President Trump says, "We need to curb illegal immigration," the left says, "Trump is anti-immigrant!" and goes on a tear about it.

That's why people who challenge the human responsibility for climate change got labeled "science deniers". Most people don't deny that the climate is changing; they (like me) question the amount of change that's due to human activity. But the left twists that into, "You're denying climate change!"

About time it started to backfire.

* * *

I think the one you can't show on TV and have to euphemize is the one that's worst. Then again, I'm not a leftist.

* * *

Another extremely pleasant day. Cold-soaked the bunker last night (it was 55) and today it didn't hit 80; tonight promises to be another cool evening. I'll rinse and repeat this as often as I can, because that's a lot cheaper than running the AC!

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