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#6703: Let me explain it to you.

A train that leaves 20 seconds early is a train that is not in the station as long as anyone expects it to be. So, let's say that you're a person who uses that train every day, and you look at your watch and see that you have enough time to hit the can before the train leaves. You hit the can, come out...and no train, because it left twenty seconds early.

Now you have to wait for the next one. And suppose there's another train, a connection that the train you missed is timed for? Only now you won't be there; and once you get to that station you'll have to wait for that next train. So you get to your destination late--possibly very late.

The Japanese pride themselves on having a mass transportation system that operates like clockwork. It ensures that riders will make their trains as long as they're in the station at the right time. In a country the size of California with a population of about a third of that of the US, the trains must run on time, as scheduled. The people don't just expect the trains to run on time; they need them to run on time.

So, yes--I can see why the public apology was issued.

* * *

He probably does that as a "gold digger" test. I would.

It occurs to me that perhaps this is similar to the old joke. "What do you think I am?" "Young lady, we have already established that. Now we are negotiating the price."

* * *

Had the link from this post in my lineup this afternoon and could not understand why. I closed it without comment because I didn't remember why I'd opened it. I had to dig through the blogroll to find the source again, and--finding it--understand the wry humor behind the post's sole sentence, "The lovely ladies of Baltimore."

A bunch of adipose women shaking their butts. "Twerking." On a police car, at police. Apparently at the "pride" parade.

Twerking is stupid. It is meant to be a display of how quickly a woman can move her posterior up and down during the sex act. It looks abysmally foolish. Any woman who performs that maneuver in public probably has the intellect of a can of carrots and the class of a can of Colt 45.

I just don't have the words to further describe my disdain for these useless extrusions.

* * *

Woke up from an after-work nap with a supreme craving for brownies. Fortuitously, I had enough eggs--I always make sure to keep the other ingredients on hand but eggs seem to be a challenge. Anyway, I had everything, so I put it all together; and now I am enjoying the fruits of my labor.

Perhaps a little bit too much.

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