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#6706: Wrekt

Student lambastes her school.
According to Manuel Rubio, a spokesperson for Sweetwater Union High School District, Buhr's speech did not follow the pre-approved version she submitted to the school prior to graduation.


"We think that the student's speech was inappropriate and out of line," Rubio said in an email Tuesday. "While we definitely welcome the concerns of students and their families regarding any situation at one of our schools, doing so in such a manner without any prior knowledge of this situation by the school, is not the right way of handling this."
Of course that's what you think! Because if the student raised her concerns through channels the administration could quietly sweep it under the rug and no one would have to do anything about it.

I have to wonder how many times people complained about the drunk teacher and the missing counselor.

* * *

Here's a funny story. A couple of black Oberlin College students get caught trying to steal wine. College faculty and students go apeshit over imagined racism. Students admit to trying to steal, but that doesn't stop the hype, and the college faculty enable a huge to-do. (Like, "The dean distributed a flyer, claiming the bakery had a history of racism. And he encouraged a boycott.") Shop sues for libel/slander/damages.

And wins, wins very big. $11 million in damages plus another $22 million punitive damages and legal fees. Because it's not racist to call the police on someone for trying to steal from you, and the fricking university faculty that got involved in this horseshit should have known that.


Another case of "should have settled out of court."

And Rotten Chestnuts has this lovely bit:
Several "generations" of professors and administrators have come and gone since then, so naturally the dumb have gotten oh so much the point where you've got the fucking Dean of Students handing out, on campus, this flyer:

[removed image, quote: "This is a RACIST establishment...."]

Sorry for all the italics, y'all, but I can't think of a better way to emphasize the truly flabbergasting idiocy on display here. There's just no way to spin this as a private individual acting as a consumer, or an academic pursuing scholarly inquiry. This looks like the official corporate position of Oberlin College because--given the circumstances--that's effectively what it is.

And now Oberlin is $33 million poorer.
Emphasis his.


The college itself complained that despite holding assets worth about a billion dollars, too much in damages would interfere with their ability to do business. Rotten Chestnuts said, "Oberlin is now claiming that a $33 million hit will effectively close the college doors...and they're probably right."

Well, here's hoping it does!

* * *

Related, strangely enough: Riots in Memphis because a guy was shot by police. You can guess the races of the participants, can't you? To make things even more entertaining, the dead guy was wanted in Mississippi for attempted murder and armed robbery. He deliberately rammed into a police barricade and then fought against being captured by the police.

But of course it's the police who are at fault, right? Because racism?

* * *

So, no secret that I've read Peanuts for years. The house has always been littered with paperback collections of the strips.

Never saw this story arc before, though. Short form is that the little red-haired girl is at the same summer camp that Peppermint Patty and Marcie are attending, and apparently something happened over at the girls's side. Tuesday's strip showed Marcie pointing out the red-haired girl to Patty; Wendesday's strip shifted the action to the boys' side, to Charlie Brown and Linus. So we didn't see what happened at the girls' camp--but now Charlie Brown is being sent home for being a "troublemaker" because of what happened there. Charlie Brown's reaction at the end of today's strip is priceless.

This ought to be good. Don't tell me what happens.

* * *

Well, some say there was a torpedo attack, others say "mines".

You don't retrieve an unexploded torpedo.

Smart money appears to be on limpet mines, and attaching limpet mines is really only practical when the ship is stationary. So that means the mines were attached while the ships were loading, and then detonated while they were underway.

Iran turned around and accused the US of perpetrating a false flag operation; I trust Iran about as far as I could comfortably piss one of those oil tankers, but I also have to wonder what Iran has to gain from getting people pissed off at them. And maybe it's someone else who doesn't like Iran who wants to give the US a reason to hit Iran (*cough*SaudiArabia*cough*).

* * *

Yes, the design was flawed, it was not a good design. But "...inherently unsafe making the Chernobyl disaster all but inevitable"? There were something like fifteen RBMK reactors operating within the Soviet Union at the time of the Chernobyl disaster. Of them, only one blew up--and it blew up because it was mis-operated. The deficits of the RBMK design did not make the disaster "all but inevitable", not when more than a dozen others of the same type were safely operated throughout their lifespans and then safely decommissioned.

And what's this?
And in a feature unique to Soviet RBMK reactors, the more steam generated in the core, the higher the reactivity, which in-turn produces more heat, which produces more steam leading to a vicious uncontrolled cycle. This feature is referred to as a "positive void coefficient."
That is not a feature that is "unique" to the RBMK reactors.

There are a lot of inaccuracies in that article. I'm not sure what his point is, either.

* * *

I would have a hard time arguing the numbers for George W. Bush even if I were inclined to argue with them. The best thing I can say about GWB is that he was slightly better of a President than his successor was. Seriously: the last two decades have been like eight years of Gerald Ford, followed by eight years of Jimmy Carter. Holy crap I can't believe I just wrote that.

* * *

Incontinent is the word I would use to describe this kind of moron. "Instead of milkshakes, throw acid!" Yeah, that's a fantastic joke, dumbass. "You try that around here, young man, and we'll slit your face!" Which is a quote from a British comedian who was, you know, actually funny.

* * *

Where yesterday was cloudy and cold, today is sunny and warm, though not warm enough for mid-June. We're trying to get above 80; the forecasted high was 74 but we're around 78 right now. The forecast is mid-70s as far as the eye can see.

Mrs. Fungus wants me to put up the (new) pool this weekend. I don't see the point; projected highs are mid-70s until next Saturday, when they say it might hit 80--and it'll be cloudy the entire time, and rainy.

Man, that global warming is a bitch, isn't it? *rolleyes*

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