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#6707: Is it really them? Really?

That seems fairly conclusive to me.
The US Navy has caught the Iranian Revolutionary Guard removing a limpet mine from Japanese Merchant Vessel Kokuka Courageous. The crew abandoned ship after seeing the second--failed--limpet mine on its hull and was picked up by the Dutch tug Coastal Ace.
So, "Iranian Revolutionary Guard" removing limpet mine from stricken ship equals--at least to these admittedly non-Ivy-League-trained-frontal-lobes--to indicate that Iran put the mines on the ships.

The article postulates that this stupidity was prompted by an internecine conflict within the Iranian government. Someone is using this as a lever to gain more power over Iran.

That being the case? Right thing to do is to maintain sanctions and do nothing else. Iran is a shithole.

* * *

This is actually nothing new.
Sanders seeks an "Economic Bill of Rights" that would include the right to a decent job that pays a living wage, quality health care, a complete education, affordable housing, a clean environment and a secure retirement.
This "bill of rights" has been a feature of every communist manifesto since Marx sprouted pubes. The fact that it inevitably leads to Venezuela, sooner or later, is not talked about.

* * *

You've got to love Democrats for their chutzpah. "Hey, my state income taxes are now charitable donations! Yeah, that's the ticket!"
Rich liberals would create charitable funds and donate them, and the state would give them state tax credits in return. Then they would use those credits to pay down their state taxes -- while then turning around to the federal government and claiming the "charitable funds" were actually charity, instead of just purchasing dollar-for-dollar credits they could use to pay state taxes.
*rolleyes* What they are attempting here is tax fraud and people need to go to jail for it.

* * *

Work meeting tomorrow, for which I need to get up at 6 AM. Argh etc. Plus side, I can stop at Fry's on my way home and grab a couple of SD drives. I had to use the one I'd put in my phone in the GPS so I could add the Canada map; I'll just get another one. They were like $5 for no-name-brand 16 GB cards, so I'll grab a few of them to have on hand.

Probably take another walk through the electronics section and not buy anything. *sigh*

The other task for tomorrow--besides cutting the grass--is to get a new battery for the Jeep. It's time. I put her on the trickle charger and she started okay; left her off it for about six hours and when I tried it again, it cranked slow but started. Battery is shot; time to replace it. I only got eight years out of it.

Need to get oil change stuff for Mrs. Fungus' car at the same time; and I might actually stop at Menards' on my way home from work to grab a new tractor battery, too. Wouldn't that be a kick--actually being able to start the tractor without first hooking it to a booster pack? Magic!

Need to get some 30 weight for the lawn implements, so I can change their oil, and I need a filter for the tractor. Maybe I need to make a list.

Maybe I can relax on Sunday. Maybe.

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