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#6710: Good thing we value human life.

You are a stupid, stupid man. Fucking idiot chains himself, in protest, to a machine which processes ducks. The machine then starts, because people inside the building were not expecting there to be a fucking idiot chained to it, and the fucking idiot nearly gets his useless head removed from his shoulders.

The fucking idiot in question, and his cohort, was not there with permission--they were all trespassing--and had broken into the facility in order to "protest".

I reflexively do not believe the things that animal rights activists say. The referring post on AoSHQ is full of disclaimers like "I don't know what conditions there are actually like" but considering how animal rights protests usually go, I'm pretty sure these people are all fucking idiots who think it's mistreatment to raise animals for food.

Here's a hint: tell the management first before you chain yourselves to the production line. You know, make a phone call or something. Because if no one knows you're there, and you chain yourself to the production equipment, and it starts because no one knows you're there--well.

The fucking idiot who nearly got his head removed is "still considering whether to file a police report". Go ahead, you fucking idiot. That will give the owners of the place unambiguous proof that you were trespassing.

I realize that you are perilously stupid, so I will explain to you that "trespassing" means "entering private property without the owner's permission".

* * *

There need to be arrests and jail time for a lot of people. The CIA and the FBI are corrupt to the core.

Interestingly enough, "Stop the NSA" and "Stop the CIA" used to be the purview of the left. Since the establishment went communist, though, it's now the right-wing that wants to see those agencies curbed.

And I notice that it was the George W Bush administration that gave us that.

* * *

Planned Parenthood is not a nonprofit. Which is to say, they supposedly don't exist to make a profit--but they sure manage, somehow, don't they?

Planned Parenthood charges $1,000 for RU-486, which is about $100 a dose. Even that number seems awful high, considering. So, financially assrape a woman and kill her baby--it's a leftist two-fer, all right.

* * *

I fall in the latter category. A peaceful cabin away from the other kind of people, where I can write my stories and listen to the quiet--lovely.

* * *

This one's for Wonderduck.

* * *

So it rained, on and off, all day yesterday. Today it is murky and cool. The back yard is a swamp. Everything is wet and cold and sticky.

Since I worked on Memorial Day, I have an alternate day off which I chose to take on the 19th, which is the anniversary of the first date I went on with Mrs. Fungus. I'm hoping that the grass will be dry enough by Wednesday that I can cut it. *sigh*

* * *

Lacking anything interesting to do, last night I went out to the garage and organized my work bench. I had intended to clean it, but I have too much junk on it that I do not currently have a good place for, so I settled for throwing away trash and sorting things. I'll get it figured out, though, eventually.

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