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#6714: Well, WTF

So, tomorrow at 10:54 AM Fungus Time, the summer solstice occurs. That is the point in Earth's orbit where the subsolar point on the Earth's surface is at 23.5° north latitude. That's a bit less than 20 hours from now; and there has still not been more than a bare handful of days above 80° and there have been none above 85°.

Meanwhile, saw a report that in British Columbia there'd been an occurrence of thundersnow. It didn't say where it was exactly but I do not believe that snow, this close to the summer solstice, is very common, not even in Canada.

* * *

F35 woes. There are a ton of them. The F-35 is meant to replace just about everything the military flies that isn't carrying cargo, and because of that, it's bloatware incarnate.

Vox Day says it's a harbinger of the end of the American Century but I'm not so sure about that.

This happened at the height of the cold war, before this period of retrenchment. Sometimes you're just asking too much; I think the F-35 is an example of that. It's got too much to do for too many different missions, because the damned thing costs too much in the first place.

As Vox Day notes, "For the price of the F-35, the USA could have built 79,787 F-16s, or 17.3x more than were ever built." Granted that the F-16 was built with 1980s technology, and that things have become more sophisticated since then, I think the point he makes there is apt. It would be cheaper to build several mission-specific aircraft than to make one aircraft that does it all; and you'll notice that the F-35 cannot do what an A-10 can do--at least, not without sustaining severe damage and possibly being shot down.

So what happens when a squadron of F-35s has to face, say, a dozen squadrons of Chinese MIG-29s? Or a hundred squadrons' worth of drones?
...[T]he time is coming when aerial combat drones will simply be more cost effective than an F-35. If ten $1 million drones, each non-stealthy but capable of high speed maneuvering that would kill a human pilot, can take out one $100 million F-35, or even just force it to expend all its air-to-air ordnance before retreating in critical battles, a lot of the advantage of having an F-35 is going to be nullified.
The F-35 suffers from being an answer to a Cold War problem.

* * *

Speaking of expensive government boondoggles, "15 years and $50 billion and I didn't even get a t-shirt out of it." "Amercans don’t seem to care much about sending humans into deep space" mainly because NOTHING IS HAPPENING. NASA isn't doing anything. If we were actually sending people to deep space that might be different.

* * *


Democrats talk about them, and resistance to them becomes stronger. "I guess the Democrats will be running on a platform of reparations and forcing high school girls to shower with boys." Heh.

Democrats are keen on buying the black vote, though. The Democrats know that enough blacks like Donald Trump to threaten their hegemony, so that is why they are now trotting out the "reparations" talk again. Fiver says that even if they win, they don't pass a reparations bill, because why give up a perfectly good lever?

But: "I used to be a Democrat until I did my history and found out the misery that that party brought to my race."

Yep. Just remember, the Ku Klux Klan was a Democrat organization.

* * *

Illegal immigration!

Catholic charities are helping illegal aliens break the law against illegal immigration. And a commentor says:
The truly unnice thing about this is, well, just like the fed welfare programs, much of CC attention is focused on these invaders, up to and including affording their invasion from their start locations, while poor Catholic families are sucking hind tit and getting cast-offs from food pantries.
Some animals are more equal than others, after all.

"A lot of posturing about detention centers.

Like, oh, THIS:

Karl Denninger wonders if there is a more sinister reason for it.
in the 1990s the moment I took a public and loud stand about child exploitation and pornography and the Internet's nascent yet extraordinarily active part in same, I started getting death threats -- including some extraordinarily grotesque and graphic ones.

The authorities, and yes, I did report those threats, didn't give a flying ****.

This isn't a new focus or issue folks. It's as old as a fart in a church.

And with few exceptions when we talk about the real rich and moneyed elite -- you know, the Epsteins of the world -- the people who are involved in it go unpunished through various machinations and our refusal to insist on enforcement of the rule of law.

Oh yes, the garden variety pervert is hunted down, caught and tossed in prison. That's the cover, you see. The cops these days set up sting operations; I know someone who has worked on those task forces. They mean it, and if you're an ordinary creep eventually you'll "solicit" one of the nice boys or gals who isn't really a 12 year old girl; "she" a police officer and when you show up to do all sorts of nasty things you'll get cuffed and tossed in the hoosegow -- as it should be.

But the mavens of industry and, especially, people with enough money and political influence to be related to or actually be members of Congress, even past Presidents and those who helped put them in office? Not so much.

Those coyotes running people up from Mexico? Some of them are running sexual slaves. Some of the people behind the scenes are selling those sexual slaves. The slaves being bought and sold are young boys and girls -- just like your son or daughter. It's a world-wide thing, it's outrageous and it is inextricably tied to every bit of illegal immigration.
Think about it. A perv molests the kid of an American citizen and there'll be hell to pay. But if that same perv molests a child whose parents aren't even in the country, and who isn't officially in the US, and who can be quietly disappeared as needed--well, it's a whole other ball of wax, isn't it?

It is horrifying to contemplate; the mind recoils from such evil. Denninger mentions Epstein; Epstein's "Lolita Express" does not exist in a vacuum, and there is a very good chance that the rot runs deeper than anyone outside the elite would suspect.

And then there is this rebuttal to that horseshit about "concentration camps" for the illegal aliens trying to enter our country illegally.
This is not a program of ethnic cleansing. This is a reaction to a crisis of hundreds of thousands of people trying to enter the United States in violation of our laws.
The left will lie about anything and everything, and not just to advance their agenda, but for the sheer pleasure of lying, because lying is the verbal equivalent of a boot stomping on a human face.

* * *


The world lost a great comedian when Graham Chapman died; there is no question of that. "Tell them we're Jewish!"

* * *


This is a really bad statistic. More octogenarians than people under the age of 10 in Japan. This is a seriously not-good trend. Japan is just the leading edge.

* * *

C'mon, why is the least of our worries. They lie about the reality of prostitution because they want it legalized, because they think sex is the do-all-be-all of the human condition and that if you can't have sex all the time, whenever you want, then you are missing out on the only reason anyone can possibly have to exist at all.

* * *

Chicago's new mayor is traveling all over the place, and doesn't care if the taxpayers don't like it. "And if that is a problem for you, 'so be it,' she said." "In other words, 'Go fuck yourselves peasants!'"

* * *

If you point a gun at police, you will get shot. I never really thought that was a controversial statement, but now it's 2019 and black people riot when a black man points a gun at cops and then gets shot for it.
Beal and several family members were driving down 111th after a funeral for a relative who had been killed in Indianapolis, where Beal resided. According to police, their cars had been weaving in and out of traffic before stopping in a fire lane. An off-duty police officer told the mourners to move, leading to an argument and confrontation as an officer was assaulted, authorities said. Beal went to a black Dodge Charger, grabbed a gun and pointed it at one of the officers, according to police. Beal pulled the trigger, but the gun didn’t go off, authorities said, and the officers shot him.
That description has got "justifiable" written all over it.

All the dead goblin had to do was A) listen to the damned cop and move his hoopty out of the fire lane; and B) not pull a gun on the police and try to fire it.

I fail to see how this is the fault of the police. Then again, I am not a "community organizer".

* * *

Peppermint Patty is, after all, a girl. The one thing I would correct her on is the statement, "I realized that no one would ever love me that way." How do you know that? How can you--when you're, what, ten years old?--say that no one will ever love you the way Charlie Brown loves the little red-haired girl?

It is true that you're not going to meet the person who will love you that way by staying indoors and never going anywhere and never trying anything, by clinging to the things that keep you from doing. I've seen people who won't try, but who shift the blame for their circumstances to everyone around them. "I can't," they say, because of this and that and the other thing, whatever it is that is not them simply saying, "I won't."

Which is the real hindrance.

But anyway, that is the big to-do that Charlie Brown's bad self instigated, which got him sent home from summer camp as a troublemaker.

* * *

Well, that weird sky-light is back, just in time for evening. *sigh*

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