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#6721: Wonder what its "sneak" stat looks like

ROGUE SLUG! caused a fault that shut down a Shinkansen rail line. This "rogue slug" got into an equipment cabinet, crawled across something it should not have crawled across, and shorted it out. The slug died instantly but the damage was done.

This article suffers from trying to make a relatively mundane story sound exciting. This was not a "rogue" slug; it was just a slug that got into some equipment. The trains didn't "shudder" to a halt, but stopped smoothly. Four sentences of the article are about this incident; the rest are devoted to similar incidents in Europe.

I guess a warrior slug would be a snail, wouldn't it? Because the shell makes it a tank?

* * *

114 MPH? Really? A five-mile chase, and he only stopped because the Indiana police set out spike strips.

All quietly swept under the rug, of course, because important Chicago policeman doesn't have to, y'know, obey the law.

* * *

It's because he acted like a complete jackass. I don't know what conditions prevail at the border, exactly, but I know the people enforcing it don't have time for shit-for-brains "journalists" giving them flip answers. You answer the questions they ask. You don't be a dickhead about it.

Example: he's being detained by DHS and they're looking through his laptop, and he asks which files the officer intends to read. When he's told, "All of them," he says, "Please don't look at the one called 'Secret ISIS Confession.'" This is in the middle of his detention. You'd think the moron would have figured out--at least, by now--that keeping his tongue in check was best for him; but no, he's still lipping off to the border agents.

Right or wrong, if those assholes think you are challenging their authority, they will ruin your day for you. They know the ins and outs of the regulations so that they can ruin your day in detail without violating a single rule or code of conduct, and thanks to the Patriot Act they have all the legal authority they need. So as much as it grates on your delicate snowflake sensibilities, you should say "yes, sir" and "no, sir" and answer the questions they ask, briefly and to the point, without being a smart-ass about it.

You know, people on the left just love government control, and they're all over the idea of taking away peoples' guns and making sure the government is in charge of everything. And then, when they get a taste of what that would be like, the first thing they do is start whining about how unfairly they were treated. But a society where the government owns and runs everything--the society leftists advocate--is one where individual rights don't matter, and the one thing you do not do is fail to respect the authority of the government's officers.

You cannot have socialism without totalitarianism. You cannot have a socialist state that will operate under the constraints of, say, the Bill of Rights. The left knows this, which is why the very first thing they always do is first to register, then confiscate, civilian firearms.

* * *

President Trump, fire this shithead. You cannot gladly suffer saboteurs.

* * *

I hadn't really looked into this but damn, it's even cooler than I thought. So the Oregon state senator who'd said the Oregon State Police had better send well-armed bachelors if they were planning to haul him in--turns out the law is actually on his side because "forcing" the missing senators to return is in fact "felony kidnapping" if it's anything more than asking politely.

* * *

Do you want to know why I don't give a rat's ass about Palestine? It's because of this:
Hanan Ashrawi, a senior Palestinian official, tweeted this:
First lift the siege of Gaza, stop the Israeli theft of our land, resources & funds, give us our freedom of movement & control over our borders, airspace, territorial waters etc. Then watch us build a vibrant prosperous economy as a free & sovereign people.
Of course, this is idiocy. It's a blame-the-Jews attitude that has worn thin. If the Palestinians call off their war against Israel, if they had accepted the peace plan offered by Bill Clinton, they could have had all of the above--with the obvious excepting of a right to return. They have consistently rejected all such proposals.
Clinton's last year in office was 2000.

Palestine consistently rejects all peace plans. It is not interested in peace; its goal is the eradication of Israel. And so when I see some asshat communist wearing a kaffiyeh I know I can discount whatever he says as utter drivel; if you stand with Palestine, you stand with communists who just want a war.

* * *

This is actually how Democrats operate.
Just add all the assumptions [Eric] Swalwell is doing about Hispanics.
– We are all illegally here
– We are too dumb to understand the laws.
– He thinks we will become violent against Trump on his command like we were his puppets.
– All of us are Democrats.
Making assumptions about an entire race of people, that's what they do. They're not talking to hispanics who think for themselves, anyway; they're talking to the ones firmly on the Democrat plantation.

* * *

So, 10-20% of the "migrants" in the caravans are in fact convicted felons. No surprise there.

* * *

This is well worth reading.
It may well be that today's House Democrats have been advancing the most exciting legislative agenda in American history, fixing more problems than ever imagined. But here is what Congress looks like to us lugs outside their bubble:

1. Investigations.
2. Open Borders.
3. Climate.
4. Impeachment.
I should like it very much if the Democrats' agenda leads to them being de-elected en masse next year.

* * *

Because bars are, by law, "gun-free" zones, robbing them is pretty easy. Just have a few guys with guns go into one and take the place over, rob everyone, and then leave. The nice thing is, because it's Chicago, you have a pretty good chance of getting away with it--at least, as long as you're "vibrant"--and you can be fairly certain none of the law-abiding patrons of the bar will be able to defend themselves.

* * *

Like it or not, the precedent is set. Any state that joins the union may not depart it. Very few of the states that joined would have done so if they'd known they could not leave, but of course that is academic now.

* * *

The Industrial Revolution was the beginning of modern civilization and it's astounding how much better everything got after it happened.

* * *

I agree, this is pretty stupid. So David Gilmour, of Pink Floyd, auctioned off his guitars and donated the money to combat "climate change".

Electric guitars are not like violins. You can make an electric guitar out of anything; so long as it has a place for the pickups and a fingerboard with frets in the right place and six strings, it will sound like just about any other electric guitar. The timbre might be a little different depending on what you made it from--plywood, cedar, whatever--but in general one made from similar materials will sound about the same. Fender's Stratocaster is a mass-produced guitar. One sounds pretty much like another.

So, paying nearly four million dollars for a piece of rock memorabilia--that's stupid. But whatever floats your boat.

Meanwhile, of course, the last time Pink Floyd went on tour there were all kinds of fossil-fuel-burning requirements in their contract. And so, the quote is apt: "I'll believe it's a crisis when the people telling me it's a crisis start acting like it's a crisis."

But they won't.

* * *

Weird Al Yankovic was right when he said girls just want to have lunch.

* * *

All the ambition I had for today has left me. Instead of going and getting a new battery for the tractor, I am wanting nothing more than to return to bed.

Well, WTF. Yesterday I worked on something and did errands. I guess it's not unreasonable to want to have a day off from everything. *sigh*

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