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#6722: So, this is a thing

It is possible to build a modern C64. Which is to say, it's not a computer that was made by Commodore, but it is a Commodore 64.

Then again there are still people who fool around with Model T cars, so I suppose it's not all that surprising.

* * *

Yesterday was an AC day; today was too. It was cooler today than yesterday but it's so humid that I'm running the AC anyway.

This evening Mrs. Fungus and I went into our bedroom and cleaned it. We did not get everything done that we had wanted to, but we got the carpet vacuumed all the way around the bed and got the boxes of books cleared out from behind it, and we cleaned off the tops of the dressers. Dusted, did the windows. After sorting through things and such, we had removed two bags of trash and a box of donatables.

I found a good stack of blank notebooks, so I'm set for a while on those. Threw away a big ziplock bag full of pens and pencils because I have plenty more of them. Tossed a pair of sneakers and an old pair of slippers. Found an unopened ream of printer paper.

And the room wasn't messy before we started. It was cluttered, at most. Now, however, it's clean, so we have that going for us. Mrs. Fungus sorted through the boxes, and stuff from those boxes she decided to ditch was at least one bag of the trash we dumped.

It's not done because we really wanted to move the bed and vacuum under it, but it sure is better.

You know--on TV I see the shows about compulsive hoarders, and I see some of the places that people live on Cops, when there's shit all over the place, including empty food containers and just trash--I can't believe anyone can stand to live like that. It's not just the fact that the food containers have got to smell bad, but the bugs that attracts--that's what I'd call "living in squalor".

When you have boxes tucked behind your bed and things stacked on the dresser, but the floors are clear and there's no food-related trash anywhere, that's clutter. Even if you have a sink full of dirty dishes in your kitchen, it's not squalor.

The house is cleaned about once a month--vacuumed, kitchen cleaned, floors done, bathrooms cleaned--so the amount of dust is decreasing. Once the last two bedrooms get new carpeting, that'll be the end of the old flooring in the place. We're going to get the ducts cleaned out, too, which should really help with the dust.

* * *

Once done with the cleaning Mrs. Fungus and I went to Taco Bell for food. They have this "Skittles"-flavored slush drink, and it tastes exactly like dissolved red Skittles. It's way too sweet, of course.

Not sure if that's better or worse than the watermelon drink that has candy "seeds" in it.

* * *

Anyway, I'm just about out of words for the day. I didn't end up doing anything else that I'd wanted to do on Sunday, like finish the tractor maintenance. After the last post, I laid down and ended up sleeping until after 7. *Sigh*

But I suppose I needed the rest. What the hey, the weekend is supposed to be when you recharge your batteries for the week ahead, right?

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