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#6723: A fully-functional desktop computer for $55

Pixy lays out the specs for the Raspberry Pi 4:
The CPU has been bumped up to a 1.5GHz quad-core A72, which is not slow. My Mediapad is a quad A72 at (I think) 2.2GHz, and it zooms through stuff. It should be at least twice as fast as the current Pi 3B+ which has a quad-core 1.4GHz A53.

The Pi 4 also has up to 4GB RAM, WiFi 5, Bluetooth 5, full gigabit Ethernet, two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, and two (micro) HDMI ports. It can run two 4K monitors at 30Hz, or one a 60Hz and a second screen at 1080p.

$35 with 1GB, $45 with 2GB, $55 with 4GB.
And you can run Linux on it with a windowed environment, and of course it's programmable.

You won't be running World of Warcraft or Skyrim or pick-your-game--but what you get is a computer that can do all the basic office computer tasks, and it can do it on two monitors. The machine has the kind of performance which was available only in desktop computers about twenty years ago, give-or-take.

And it's a unit the size of a deck of cards.

* * *

I have six million links today, so I think I'd better get after them.

* * *

I have already said this and said it about reparations. We do reparations as a one-time, lump-sum payment, and in exchange there's an end to the race bullshit.
...[E]veryone will have to finally SHUT UP, once and for all, about racism. That's it. Finished. It's done. You don't get to talk about it, whine about it, bitch about it any more. Disband Black Lives Matter. Dissolve the NAACP, abolish the Congressional Black Caucus, and revoke Farrakhan's cult church's tax-exempt status. No more bitching and moaning, you've been paid off and you now have to get on with your lives. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will now have to get real jobs. African Americans can pool all of that sweet, sweet reparations cash and use it to rebuild Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and other inner cities without any interference from evil racist white guys. We could all live together in peace and love and harmony. Thank God Almighty, we'll be free at last.
That isn't what any of the reparations people want, of course.

What they want is a monthly payment, in perpetuity, with no change in behavior from any of them. So Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan and BLM and so forth will still run around screaming their heads off about racism, and inciting riots every time some jackass pulls a gun on a cop and gets shot dead for it.

* * *

This is a refinery which has been there since the Civil War ended. Obviously they are not using the same physical plant as they had in 1865-ish, but the plant has been there a very long time, and so we have this horseshit:
Neighbors are protesting the refinery, with one telling NBC: "I have witnessed it for years, blowing up. This is bad, people. Enough is enough."
Well, why did you buy (or build) a house near an oil refinery? It's been there for about a hundred and fifty years; it's not like they built the thing in your back yard after you'd lived there for two decades. It was there first. Move away if you don't like it.

...the same kind of asshole who buys a place and gloats over how cheap it is, then tries to do away with whatever it is that made the place cheap. Airport traffic, industry, whatever.

* * *

I agree with this, actually. Trump could take the wind right out of Democrat sails with this issue.
Politics aside, eliminating student debt is the right thing to do. The power of the banks needs to be broken and this is the most effective way to begin doing that. Student loan debt is intrinsically predatory and cannot be justified, especially in light of the massive endowments of the elite universities.
It is intrinsically predatory because when you take out a student loan you have no control over the interest rate, and if you cannot pay they will hound you to the ends of the Earth. You cannot discharge the debt in bankruptcy. And so, once they've loaned you the money, the bank owns you until you pay it off.

That's why banks are so eager to give out student loans. The government will force you, at gunpoint, to pay them back, at a fixed interest rate that is far above the prime rate.

I don't think that education ought to be free. But taking the government coercion out of paying for it would go a long way towards making it more equitable.

* * *

This is such horseshit.
I will continue to pay $10.02, at the highest rate, to fully charge my 325 mile battery car. I will drive knowing I AM helping the environment.
Quoth a Tesla owner, who apparently doesn't seem to understand that A) in America, most power is generated by burning coal, and B) an electric car comes with a carbon footprint all its own that is much larger than the carbon footprint for a fuel-burning car.

Not to mention that the cobalt used to make the battery in that car had to be mined, and cobalt mines are really, really environmentally UNfriendly places.

People that claim their electric cars are somehow better for the environment are deluding themselves.

* * *

There is only one reason to do this. It's all part and parcel of socializing the medical system. And it should be a non-starter.

* * *

Wow. I knew Representative Horseteeth was arrogant and condescending. I did not realize she was this frickin' bad, though. Someone urges her to accept the invitation extended by Poland and other countries to see what real concentration camps look like. Her reply:
The last time you went on this trip it was reported that you also met w/ fringe Austrian neo-Nazi groups to talk shop.

So I’m going to have to decline your invite. But thank you for revealing to all how transparently the far-right manipulates these moments for political gain.
She said that in response to someone who had also been invited, had seen the places, and had come to understand what they meant, and had urged her to go.

So Poland invites her to come see Auchwitz etc. This guy says, "Yes, go!" And she ignores Poland and responds to the guy, with that.

The article goes on to say:
For her to ignore all that and respond only to King and turn down the invitations and claim the moral high ground saying that the far right is engaged in political manipulation shows just how much of a dishonest piece of shit she is.
Leftism is the ideology of dishonest pieces of shit. Not much can be done about that.

The debate over immigration is full of lies and deceit from the people who want it to be unrestrained. Like Horseteeth's ludicrous comparison of the processing facilities to "concentration camps". This douchebag "...wants to know how you will use your privilege to stop ICE from deporting illegal immigrants."

I am not going to use my privilege to stop ICE from deporting illegal immigrants. If I had any "privilege" I would encourage them and help them deport illegal aliens. As many as possible. With prejudice.

Why? Look:
Francisco Carranza-Ramirez was supposed to board a flight to California and return to his native Mexico on Monday after King County Superior Court Judge Nicole Gaines Phelps agreed not to impose community custody, or probation, following his release from jail last week, court records show. He is now wanted on a no-bail warrant for violating conditions of his release on the rape charge, according to court records and King County sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Ryan Abbott.
Convicted of rape, allowed to leave jail before serving his entire sentence--instead of going back to Mexico, he went after the woman he was convicted of raping and attacked her a second time.

"...[T]hese people are not like Anne Frank, hiding in an attic because of their ethnicity."

That asshat that President Trump needs to fire right the fuck now leaked the raid news with the express purpose of making sure they failed. I'd fire that fuck, and then make sure he wouldn't work in that town again.

He merely enabled people who are wilfully and with malice aforethought breaking federal laws. There ought to be a lot of people in handcuffs, damn it.

So Chicago won’t help ICE at all, even in identifying illegal immigrant criminal gang members.

Guess, by the way, who is responsible for the second highest number of shooting in the Chicago area?

So with over 200 homicides to date, why would the city want to get rid of its illegal immigrant gang member? I guess the new mayor wants to set a new homicide record for the year.
Sure seems like that, doesn't it?

And this entire post:
The same Leftists who are saying that arresting and deporting illegal immigrants who have been found in violation of the law, and have had arrest and deportation orders signed by judges, are having their human rights violated by a fascist President, and American citizens should hide them and shield them from federal law enforcement…

Are the same Leftists that cheer on the idea of warrantless door to door raids by law enforcement to arrest and kill gun owners that refuse to give of their assault rifles and high capacity magazines after they pass some broad sweeping gun ban.

* * *

Google's monopoly needs to be busted soonest.

I have to wonder if the people running Googe have ever considered what happens to people running large corporations when the communists take over. Their absolute best case scenario is to be like Ferdinand Porsche.

Porsche, you may recall, is the lead designer of the VW Type 1 Beetle. He designed that thing because Hitler told him to; any bets on what would have happened to Porsche if he'd said, "Nein, mein Fuhrer, we can't do such a thing." Hint: it would not have ended well for Herr Porsche....

If Googe gets what it wants and gets a socialist government installed in the USA, they will be one of the first corporations to be whacked with the Statists' Big Stick. The Internet would end up being heavily censored--just like in China--and a lot of corporate executives would find themselves being trotted out to the courtyard, to face a firing squad.

Of course, the people running Googe think that can't happen here.

If they can keep "someone like" Trump from being elected President ever again, Democrats will rule the roost. They'll take away the guns, they'll socialize medicine, they'll make college free, they'll pass the "Green New Deal", they'll do all kinds of things...and to the people running Googe, all that stuff is just fine. No guns means no crime! Green New Deal means everything's clean and electric! Everyone will get good health care! Everyone will have as much education as they want! It will be the new socialist utopia! That's what they think will happen.

The reality is, of course, different. The ones that aren't shot will have it very easy. They won't freeze in the dark because although electricity costs $2 a kilowatt-hour, they'll be able to afford it. They'll have access to the upper tier of health care that the hoi polloi can't access, and they'll be able to hire state-licensed armed security guards to protect them from all the criminals who didn't turn their guns in when they were banned. And they'll look around themselves and say, "Well, this socialism thing is pretty good, isn't it? Why are the proles so unhappy? They have all this good stuff! Free education! Free health care! Clean air and water! And the cities are safer than ever!"

...and all they have to do to live their lives of luxury is to never, never, ever so much as breathe a word which contradicts a government policy or position. Or else they'll join their former colleagues in the (actual) concentration camps or the mass graves.

Lest you think that is not what the left in this country wants just read what Karl Dennginer has lined up there. He reminds us that sitting Democrat politicians have called for Trump supporters to be harassed, ridiculed, and attacked for nothing more than supporting him. That is what leftists do: they silence opposing viewpoints by whatever means are required, and if that means violence, then that's what they do.

* * *

Tell me again how socialized medicine does not inevitably lead to death panels. I'll wait.

* * *

Ah, for the days when there were laws against vagrancy.

* * *

This is very likely just saber rattling, but I think we should actually do it. Pull American forces out of the area entirely and let someone else deal with that horseshit.

Can't do it, of course, because China would have a field day with that shit. But it's nice to think about.

* * *

Big Falcon Heafy launch coming up. Three payloads, three orbits. Cool.

The stuff of the future, right there.

* * *

This is what Democrats always say when they think they're going to win the election. Do you remember in 2016 how the entire Democrat-media complex was pushing Trump to say he'd abide by the results of the election? Remember that?

Democrats are very big on everyone getting behind the winner of an election when it's their guy who wins the election--but the instant it's not, then it's "resist!" and "not my President!" and a whole slew of other sore loser horseshit.

* * *

This "woman" claims that Trump is a rapist. The same Democrats who refuse to believe Juanita Broaddrick--and who otherwise claim, "Why would a woman lie about being raped?"--think this woman is a paragon of courage and truth.

* * *

This is why we have the electoral college. It's a pity that teaching civics in school has given way to teaching proper condom usage and how to recycle plastics, but then again if you have a totalitarian bent the last thing you want is for people actually to know how the country is supposed to work.

* * *

To me, this just says that the stupid game is too fucking complicated. The first collectible card game (CCG) I played was Spellfire, which was D&D themed and published by TSR. I have a few billion cards from that time of my life, and that was bad enough.

I tried playing Magic and found it too complicated. My memory doesn't work the right way for me to build a deck around a specific strategy; you need to be able to remember the powers granted by a couple hundred cards at least and there are thousands of Magic cards. Spellfire ran to about eight hundred if I recall correctly--400 cards in the basic set plus four or five expansion sets of 100 cards each--and that was only a moderately successful game. And by the time Wizards of the Coast (who published Magic) had bought TSR and eliminated Spellfire from the universe through sheer force of will, there was a rulebook and errata to help people deal with rule conflicts.

Magic is an order of magnitude worse. Two orders. Three.

* * *

Well, it rained a bit today, and now it's cooled off and gotten drier. I had the AC running last night solely because it was in the low 70s with an equivalent dewpoint (weather hint: the dewpoint is usually about where the low temp for the night will be. If the dewpoint is at 74, not only is it FRIGGING HUMID outside, but that'll be the low temperature for the night.

Dewpoint tonight is 61. That's a lot dryer than yesterday's 72. And cooler.

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