atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,


I say that because I never, never, ever thought I would see the following headline, at least not outside of the realm of fiction:

"Mexico Deploying 15,000 Troops To U.S. Border To Stop Illegal Immigration Into U.S."

Okay? MEXICO is deploying troops--15,000 soldiers--to STOP people crossing the border into the US.

Who jiggered them into doing this? PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP got them to do this. It's stunning.

Mexico benefits greatly from having its citizens in the US, because lots of those people send money to family in Mexico. That's great for the Mexican economy, so obviously Mexico wants as many Mexicans living in the US as possible.

Trump has gotten them to act against their own self-interest. I expect he's done it by pushing on a bigger self-interest--the tariffs he threatened to emplace would have been very bad for Mexico--but I don't really care about the nuts and bolts of this. What I care about is stopping the flow of illegal aliens into the country.

This helps a lot.

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