atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6726: AIIGH I'm not sure I can TAKE this

This song is like 105-octane high test depression fuel, so be forewarned.

I first heard this song on Musical Starstreams years ago, and at the time I was struck by how much of it was simple raw, agonizing pain.

Have not heard it since then. Happened to think of it and did a search, and found it...and YE CATS it's the musical equivalent of watching someone rolling in broken glass.

But it's amazing. There is only one other song I know of that works like this one does, called "Tori no You Ni" by Kaneko Wada; that one's from the Kimagure Orange Road (KoR) movie (the first one, "I Want to Return to That Day") and it too is nothing but raw pain.

Pink Floyd's music doesn't affect me like that; it's a completely different feel and it just kind of bounces off. But this hits me in the emotional gonads like a wrecking ball, just like that Kaneko Wada song does. (And the ED for that KoR movie, "Hold Me Again", which is really hard to listen to since Mom died.)

Of course I listened through it twice.

But now we're all in need of a pick-me-up.

A flash in the pan first. I first heard this in 1998 and I should tell that tale sometime.

One of the most cheerful anime songs I know of:

Mr. Blue Sky!

What could be happier than a story about a guy whose true love is a goddess?

Trivia: Oh! My Goddess! was actually a spin-off of You're Under Arrest which also has a cheerful opening theme:

And then finally a two-fer from Project A-ko. This is one of the first anime soundtracks I bought:

Okay. Now I can go to bed!

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