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#6731: Pandering FAIL

Bill "De Bolshevik" de Blasio used a Cuban communist slogan at a rally in Miami.


Okay: casually strolling into Miami and saying, "¡Hasta la victoria siempre!" is approximately on par with ambling into a Jewish enclave and yelling, "HEIL HITLER!" Because that spanish phrase is what Che Guevara used to holler all the time and there is a significant population of Cuban exiles living in Miami.

So then the cretin gets up and says on Twiddle:
I did not know the phrase I used in Miami today was associated with Che Guevara & I did not mean to offend anyone who heard it that way. I certainly apologize for not understanding that history. (1/2)

I only meant it as a literal message to the striking airport workers that I believed they would be victorious in their strike- BdB. (2/2)

To which I say BULLSHIT. You thought "union workers" equaled "fellow travelers" and--seeing the sea of hispanic faces--trotted out a phrase you thought would resonate with them. You figured, "Hey, American leftists love Che Guevara--and what's not to love?" And thought that because American leftists love him so much every Democrat voter must love him.


* * *

Speaking of dumb, Joe Biden. Nothing like calling a legal industry "the enemy".

I think this is an apt statement: "If you want to know why I don't want to give up my guns, this is why I don't want to give up my guns."

Firearms manufacturers are "the enemy" because they enable citizens to resist the government if need be. Naturally the Democrat party hates that.

* * *

The lexicon of the left, explained.

Socialism is socialism, no matter whose it is.

But the economic system that exists in Scandanavia is not socialism. It's capitalist with a hefty safety net--what the US once was, prior to about 1965.

* * *

Democrat debate moderator: If you can only get one issue through, what would it be?

"I admire the Prime Minister of New Zealand." *SNERK*

* * *

My sympathy for this man and his daughter is tempered by the fact that HE WAS WARNED NOT TO TRY SWIMMING ACROSS THE MOTHERFUCKING RIVER.

And not to put too fine a point on it, but the guy was trying to enter the US illegally. There are bridges at the legal entry points. No one pointed a gun at him and said, "You want into the US, you swim across that there river, boy."

Okay? This is a tragedy and I'm sorry they're dead but he and his daughter wouldn't be dead if they hadn't tried to enter the country illegally.


Somewhere I saw an article about this, to the effect that this kind of propaganda is no longer working as well as it used to. Well, it certainly doesn't help when you find out that people are staging things, such as representative Horseteeth from the Glue Factory crying outside a parking lot; but by now it's obvious that the media tells only part of the tale, and does so specifically in support of Democrat talking points.

* * *

Why Republicans lose elections.
The McCain and Romney failures were a blow between the eyes with a two-by-four for the GOP elephant. The swift rise of Trump to the top of the polls in 2015 completed the lesson: Right-leaning voters were tired of unfulfilled promises from "insiders" whose records gave the lie to their words. They were willing to go outside the existing ranks in search of a better alternative.
I did not vote for Romney in 2012 as a protest against the GOP's complete unwillingness to fight for anything. (Also because Romney was just "Obama Lite".) One of the big reasons I voted for Trump in 2016 was precisely because the GOP leadership was so dismayed by his success.

The people are erecting their middle fingers at the GOP establishment. Time will tell if they get the point, or not.

* * *

Pregnant woman starts fight, gets shot, and loses the baby. Cops initially charged her with manslaughter.

Legal theory: if you are committing a crime, and someone is injured while you're committing that crime, you can be charged for it, regardless of who injured that person. So, for example, you rob a bank, and during the shootout you have with the cops, some guy in the bank is shot by a cop. You get charged for that. Because he wouldn't have been shot if you hadn't robbed the bank and resisted arrest.

So, in this case, this woman's baby died because she attacked someone else, who defended herself. And so this woman was charged with the manslaughter of her own baby.

The post I linked to makes some really interesting points. The fact is that abortion advocates hate it when you treat a gestating baby like a person. The law is an ass, but the fact that this woman had not had an abortion would seem to indicate that it was a "planned and wanted child", to quote former Surgeon General Joycelyn Elder; and by the standards that abortionists normally apply to such things, this particular "choice" is opting for "person" and not "clump of cells".

...but the pro-abortion crowd has always strenuously objected to that thinking. No matter what, now, if the baby is still inside the womb (or even just coming out of it) it's a "choice" and not a person.

In fact, in New York and Virginia, the woman can tell the doctor "I don't want it" and they'll allow the baby to expire. It must be immediately post-partum, of course, but how long will that distinction last? Soon it'll be six hours, then twelve, then twenty-four. Probably not much longer than that, though.

* * *

More transsexual lunacy.
For reasons that psychologist Blair cannot fathom, men and women, called cisgendered in the woke vocabulary, are unjustly refusing to date transgendered individuals. Somehow or other your son does not want to date an individual who has XY chromosomes but who declares him/herself to be a woman.

Now, obviously, according to the psycho theorists, your son has a problem. We will need a massive propaganda effort to persuade him to change his dating preferences. You will note that we already have a massive amount of propaganda directed toward producing transgenderism. About that, no problem. About your son's heterosexuality...he's a bigot.
Of course.


* * *

A big info-dump about illegal aliens and welfare. But Democrats can't win elections without importing new voters, so let's leave the floodgates open! Right? And if a few of them drown while trying to get into the country, well, hey! We have our open borders propaganda photo for the week!


* * *

So, it's hot outside again. Finally. 90 right now, hotter earlier.

I'm keeping the thermostat in the bunker at 76 during the day, and to my surprise the office remains at a reasonable temperature, even with the lights and two computers (and three monitors) running. I've gone outside a couple of times and the heat felt good, though if I stayed out there longer I'd soon be sweating my ass off.

And so, the new pool will get set up Saturday. This year I will be leveling the ground as well as I can with sand before setting the thing up. Then, while it's filling, cut the grass and run the weed whacker; and I'm going to try to address the tree that's hanging over the garage.

There's a good chunk of it that will have to be taken down by a pro, but I'm hoping to knock back the parts I can reach by laying on the roof of the garage and going at it with a pole saw.

I could rent a bucket truck or a boom lift--except that it would cost more to rent the thing than it would to pay someone to cut the tree down! I wish I had a friend who owned one who could loan it to me for the weekend. But I might as well wish I could fly. I'll do what I can from the roof of the garage; and I'm hoping that will mean getting everything but that one limb down that I simply cannot reach. That'll mean another stack of wood for the wood crib, from the parts I can reach, and then shelling out several hundred for the parts I can't. *sigh*

So, tomorrow is going to be a day of work. Not much I can do about that.

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