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#6734: I almost hate to bring this up....

Oh, look, they actually realize there'd be an economic impact to it. They get it wrong, though. "The world economy is worth £59.9 trillion, so injecting several quadrillion into it would cause the whole thing to come crashing down."


You can't just take an asteroid worth of iron and plop it down and presto, there's $8 quadrillion dollars oh dick we're screwed. You need to:
1) go get the asteroid, or build infrastructure to get stuff from it to you
2) mine the ore
3) smelt the ore
4) deliver the metal to manufacturers
Granted that it might be "native iron", meaning that it doesn't need much smelting to be usable, but you can't just carve bridge girders and automobile parts from elemental iron. The alloy would be wrong.

...and all those activities would take time and be 100% economically beneficial. Sure, if someone were to dump eight quadrillion into the world economy it would blow up, but this wouldn't do that. No, this would result in the biggest expansion of the world economy in history. The worldwide economy would be greatly enhanced because people would be buying equipment and employing people to go mine that asteroid, and the arrival of inexpensive iron would be beneficial to industry.

The resulting "gold rush" would convince people that there's money in space! and more people would set out to exploit it. That would mean more equipment bought on Earth, more rocket launches, more money being spent right here in order to get out there where there's money to be made.

The article says the iron in the asteroid is worth eight quadrillion English pounds, but it would not take long before the arrival of asteroid iron would end the need for us to mine iron ore from the Earth's crust. The asteroid iron would be cheaper and a lot higher grade than the stuff we dig up now, which is nearly indistinguishable from dirt before it starts to be processed. And the price per ton of iron on the world market would fall, making it cheaper to make anything that contains iron or steel. And it would be ecologically cleaner to boot.

Naturally, the article has to end by talking about those malthusian idiots who claim that if humans are allowed to exploit the resources of the solar system unchecked, they'll be used up in 400 years. I dealt with that stupidity previously, though, and have no desire to soil myself with that horseshit again.

* * *

I am not the only person insisting that cars are stupidly expensive and that inflation alone does not account for the rise in price.

The claim made by the Bureau of Lies and Statistics is that while some inflation has taken place, a lot of the price increase is due to better longevity and more features. A 1980 Impala, for example, did not have air bags and a WiFi hot spot, nor could it go 100,000 miles without major repair. You could get it with a cassette stereo and air conditioning and power windows, but all those things were optional. A 2019 Impala, however, has an exhaustive list of standard equipment which wasn't possible at any price in 1980, and that--says BLS--is why it's $30,000 instead of the $10,000-ish it cost back then.

It's almost impossible to buy a car without all the techno-gewgaws, either. The last new car I bought was a 1995 Ford Escort. It had manual windows and locks; it had an option package which included AM/FM cassette stereo and air conditioning and full gauges. Good luck finding a car like that today; even economy cars have power locks and windows and AC and-and-and.

Come to think of it--you don't need to go back to 1980. That car's sticker price was about $12,000.

But cars are decidedly not "cheaper" now, not by any measure. On the contrary, they are more expensive than ever. When I bought that car in January of 1996, five-year car loans had only recently come on the scene, and four-year loans were preferred. These days car loans go six, seven, or eight years. In terms of affordability--in terms of what people can actually afford to pay for a new car--they've gotten a lot more expensive.

* * *

You're not a doctor. You're not even a nurse any longer. Lying sack of crap.

Then again, lying is all they have.

* * *

Government takes children from their parents and hands them over to people who sexually abuse them. That's a nightmare, right there, and wherever it's happening, it needs to be stopped.

* * *

Big surprise: politician with special license plate drives and parks like a total douchebag. Guess it must not be an election year.

* * *

This is full of bullshit.
Illinois' predicament is a perfect storm of declining manufacturing, stagnant immigration, declining birth rates, young people leaving for college and never coming back, long-standing economic discrimination against black residents, high housing costs, and the continued draw of residents to the Sun Belt.
"Stagnant immigration"? Thanks to the Democrat Machine Chicago is a sanctuary city. "Long-standing economic discrimination against black residents"? WTF does that mean? You boys got a source for that assertion that doesn't come straight out of a communist organization?

Illinois' predicament is because of A) the highest taxes in the country, particularly in Cook County; B) an environment which is hostile to business; C) perilously high housing costs, including extremely high property taxes. Besides all that it has one of the worst socialized educational systems in the nation, ranks near the top for crime (thanks to Chicago) and is widely recognized as one of the most corrupt states in the nation.

There is no "economic discrimination against black residents". The only discrimination involved is that no one wants to hire someone who thinks earning a high school diploma is "acting white".

* * *

Well, the weather has done for today's plans. It's raining. It is not raining very hard, but I cannot do any of the things I want to do with it raining, because operating electrical equipment in rain is a bad idea, and grass simply does not cut well when wet. Argh etc.

On the plus side, the pool can continue to fill while rain falls, so I've got that much going. I'd say we probably got it about 35-40% full last night, before I shut the water off. We'll get it the rest of the way there today. We're almost to the point that I can shock it and start the filter pump.

Progress. Of a sort.

...of course, all this means that I'll have to get up early the next few days and try to cut the grass, in stages, before work. This will be helped by the new battery in the tractor, of course, because I won't have to fool around with the jump pack. More progress!

Later start today than I'd hoped, because I simply could not fall asleep last night. The best I managed for most of the night was an insomniac twilight, where I didn't sleep so much as estivate, and which is not sleep. Flop around, mind starts to wander, wanders continuously for a long while...then come alert and realize that that wasn't sleeping and try again. Got up at 2:30 and sat at the computer for a little while, to try to break the cycle. Went back to bed and did it all over again. It was probably close to five AM before I actually fell asleep. Which really annoying, considering all the exercise I got yesterday, moving eight 60-lb bags of sand around and setting up the pool.

Got up at 2, more out of a sense of duty than anything else. But before I'd even finished waking up the sky started to darken and the wind rose and-and-and. Now we have wet ground and rumblies.


* * *

Anyway, this is Sunday, and tomorrow is Monday July 1. Thursday will be Independence Day. Whee!

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