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#6735: Milkshakes are an old Democrat thing

As we can see from the photo at this link.
The Lunch Counter protests to end discrimination in the 1960s brought examples of the real Nazis pouring milkshakes and other substances on the heads of Civil Rights activists.
So, let's talk about antifa a little bit.

If you're swinging a crowbar at someone that's going to be "aggravated assault" and "assault with a deadly weapon" and "attempted murder" at a bare minimum.

"Regulators of white supremecists" means Ku Klux Klan, which is a Democrat organization. So you can see that the Democrats have historically--at least since the end of the War of Southern Independence--resorted to violence when they could not get their way.

Here they are planning to throw acid on people. They want to maim people for having the temerity to have different opinions than they:
"I just want to blind as many of you cock suckers are possible [sic]," said the user, adding "We already have the Muriatic acid, wax, and balloons."
And the results are eminently predictable. If antifa thinks they can blind people indiscriminately it will take one young woman having her face half-melted to make a lot of people angry at them, people whom they would (if they had any sense at all) be deeply afraid of annoying.
Here is what I expect to happen.

If Antifa is successful in melting the face off of some alt-right protester, the next time Antfia gathers for an “Action” a couple of Proud Boys (or some associated group) is going to get some AR-15s onto a nearby roof or the back of a van and open up indiscriminately into the black bloc.

I’m not justifying it.

I’m saying that extremism begets extremism and if you draw blood expect blood to be drawn against you.
So far, antifa has gotten--very largely--a free pass.

But that can change--and if it does, if the people they are targeting end up being moved to serious violence--it will not go well for them.

Not well at all.

But, oh! If we can't throw milkshakes, we'll just go back to throwing bricks! "Then We Might Go Back to Dragging You Out of Your Home and Murdering You In Front of Your Children," goes the rest of that headline.

Twitter's perfectly fine with that. Leftists don't get their Twiddle accounts suspended for inciting violence. "Fellow travelers", don't you know.

* * *

Next year ought to be interesting. Avoid the convention cities at all costs.

* * *

I almost made that image the link for this article but it probably would have broken the Fungus style sheet if I had, so there you are. But that image encapsulates the article nicely.

It indicates that a) there is an insufficient supply of housing, and b) the costs of providing such housing are stratospheric.

* * *

People who have a stake in things behaving that way say that society is a ratchet than turns ever leftward. Things don't ever move rightward; it's always left, towards gay rights, free love, unrestricted abortion-on-demand, socialized medicine, free university educations for all.

It's not, though. It's a pendulum. If it weren't, we'd already be living in a socialist dystopia.

"...[Y]oung Americans are becoming less comfortable around LGBTQ people." "This is not the first time in history that deviancy has been legal and widely accepted," opines Vox Day, correctly. "It won't be the last."

" The most tolerant people on Earth will turn hostile to a "community" that behaves" the way the LGBT community has done.

* * *

Speaking of socialist dystopia, Wait times for health care in Canada continue to set records for length.

* * *

"The angry militant lesbian shtick is old and worn out." Wow, I called it. I figured she was a lesbian from the first time I saw her picture. Not that that's any great feat, mind you.

* * *

Veganism kills more animals than eating them does. Not at all surprising. Veganism is stupid for a large number of reasons, not the least of them being that humans are omnivorous and we need animal protein to stay healthy.

* * *

Why, he's an absolute pillar of the community! He commanded respect from the young men of the community. He counseled them not to join gangs or to solve their differences with violence!

...after he got shot, the doctors trying to save his life found thirty bags of heroin in his rectum.

Some pillar of the community, there.

* * *

Oh yes, Jimmy Carter is such a great judge of the legitimacy of elections. *rolleyes* Jimmy, you were president thirty-eight years ago. STFU and be retired already. Go back to Habitat for Humanity and help them. Do anything other than open your piehole about how your side lost an election so badly and so ineptly that you can't possibly stand it unless you say it was somehow rigged. Well, you wouldn't know an honest and open election if one bit you on the ass:
In 2012, Carter claimed that now-dysfunctional Venezuelan government had the best electoral process in the world.

"As a matter of fact, of the 92 elections that we've monitored, I would say the election process in Venezuela is the best in the world."
Dumbass. The only reason you were able to win the election in 1976 was because your opponent was Gerald Ford, for fuck's sake. You governed in an inept, limp-wristed fashion, and were so incompetent that your fecklessness was only exceeded when we elected Barack Obama, who at least had the excuse of never having done anything, and had no executive experience. You were governor of Georgia for how long? You beat Obama that way--that one way--but it didn't really matter that he had no executive experience because he demonstrated that a President doesn't need executive experience to be a useless waste of space. That one little point in your favor is probably the only reason you're second-best to him in terms of being one of the crappiest Presidents in history.

* * *


"I just ran a Google search to see if there was anything to this 'Project Veritas Finds Google is Skewing Search Results' story, but there were no results in my Google search, so obviously there is nothing to this story."

You guys are dickheads if you think that fools anyone but you and your editor.

* * *

It seems kind of like kicking a dead horse but WTF it's George Lucas, so why not? This is another article on why Phantom Menace was an unremediated turd. TL;DR: because George Lucas.

* * *

$140 but in dollars that are worth less than they were the last time you could buy a C-64 for $140. Heh.

You have to get almost a minute into the thing before you find out that it will have a full-size, functional keyboard, which was the big question I had upon seeing this.

I'm going to have to get one. That's all.

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