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#6736: Yep, that's a while, all right

I decided to try to find out when it was that the mower needed a new battery. May 11, 2016 was when I decided that it really needed to be replaced, although, "But as you may recall, last year it was getting iffy, and this year I think it's done for. Not a really big problem; I'll get a new one."

Sure. In three years. *sigh* But that's okay.

This morning I got up about an hour earlier than usual, and I took the tractor out and cut the front grass, the north side, and the east 40. I actually cut the front first, then went in and checked the time. It had taken me 15 minutes (about) to cut the front, so I had 45 minutes left before I had to start getting ready for work. Cranked the mower back up and did the east 40 in half an hour. Not bad.

The immediate back yard is still swampy, but it's gotten a lot better.

Meanwhile, the pool is up and full and I checked the chemistry today. It needs more chlorine, so I'm going to toss another couple ounces of shock into it tomorrow before work. And flocculent to draw out the rust.

But it's up and it's ready enough to swim in, though it's still a bit cold. We're supposed to have nice hot weather all week, so that's good.

* * *

The Mustang has some kind of leak; smells like transmission fluid. The Fiero had a problem where the transmission pan bolts would loosen, so every once in a while I'd put her up on jack stands and then torque them down. Something like 8 foot-pounds of torque--not a lot--but the gasket is cork as I recall and those don't take well to super-tight fasteners.

I'll do that with Buttercup, and then top up the transmission with Type F and call it good. Worst case I end up having to replace the gasket, which will be messy and a pain in the ass. The transmission is basically new, according to both the previous owner and the guy who built the car.

I think I need a service manual for this thing. But the engine is a 289 engine with 302 heads and roller rockers; as I recall it's a C3 transmission (the typical Ford RWD 3-speed automatic).

The other thought I had? Finding a shop around here with someone who can tune carbs, and getting it tuned by a pro so that it starts and runs right, and doesn't bang into gear because the idle is too high. That'd be a big plus.

* * *

Watched the last few eps of Man in the High Castle last night so Mrs. Fungus can cancel Prime. There's nothing else we're going to watch on that, at least not until A) they release Ringworld, and B) more eps of Man in the High Castle come out. The way season 3 ended I'm confident there will be more.

...though I have not heard anything about Ringworld since the initial blurbs hit the news, lo these many years ago. However long ago it was. Regardless, not going to waste money waiting for it. When--if--it comes out, I'll get Prime then.

We're still trying to decide if we'll keep Hulu. I've only been watching Fruits Basket on it, sporadically, because my tastes have changed since I first saw it in the early 2000s and I'm no longer impressed by it. Or maybe it's just because the stories have turned into one-trick ponies. "What way can we contrive to have the guys transform into their animal forms this week?" And to make things worse a really annoying character now makes regular appearances. Nothing else there appeals.

Anime on Prime is all well and good but when you're browsing and saying, "I'll put that one on my watch list" it doesn't tell you if you have to buy the eps. No, that doesn't happen until you actually go to watch the thing, and then: "Epsiode 1: $2.99" or some such. Next series! Oh, only $1.99 per ep! PASS. Next--ah, "free with Prime". There we go.

Simplifying our cable TV because we don't use it--and that's fine with me. I told Mrs. Fungus that as far as I was concerned we could drop the whole damned thing and just keep the Internet service; SyFy (or someone) is supposedly doing more eps of The Expanse but that show is "take it or leave it" with me at this point. It's good SF but it develops too slowly and there's too much time between seasons; besides, I still don't know the characters' names. Seriously, the male lead is "Jon Snow in space", the black engineer chick--that's what I call her. The Martian pilot and Hard Guy round out the crew of the Rocinante. I haven't had a reason to learn their names. I lost interest in it.


* * *

I've been playing Diablo II here and there over the past week. Made a new character--a druid named Stupid--and bumped his stats a bit so survival wasn't a chore, then started from the very beginning. I've played through the game about a million times, so it's not like it costs me anything to run a cheat toon. Anyway, he's finally made it to the fifth chapter (the mountains) and it's been fun rediscovering the game.

I mean, I used to play D2 a lot before I got into WoW. Basically the time I now spend playing WoW was time I used to spend playing D2. But it's been years since I tried to play D2 through from the beginning.

And I'm doing a total speed run. Ignoring quests that are not essential to winning the game, and not bothering to fully explore the maps, either. Just hit each objective as quickly as I find it and move on. It's fun.

* * *

I have not seen anyone across the street since Saturday. The house is dark and no one has come to it, although it looks like there was a guy out there from the electric company today. I really hope they have not just decided to abandon the place.

The basement could have been pumped out with a trash pump; you can rent one of those for not a lot of money. The problem is then drying things out so you don't get mold; the furnace is likely ruined and you couldn't just fire up the blower. And HVAC systems don't grow on trees; neither do washers and dryers and hot water heaters.

And the flooring would have to be replaced in most of the house. The drywall on the first floor would need patching at least, and then painting, and the entire sunken level would have to be redone. That's a family room, a bedroom, and a bathroom.

If their insurance doesn't cover flooding-- Well, what would they do? What could they do? If their insurance didn't cover what happened to their house and they had a mortgage on it? Probably bail and take the hit to the old credit rating--let the bank foreclose on it and get out from under the disaster. Of course the bank will sell it to recoup as much of their loss as they can, but as a flood-damaged home...well, I don't see it. Someone will buy it, fix it, and flip it, of course. That's already happened at least twice with that house since I moved back here from Cedar Rapids.

I hope this isn't the case, for several reasons. One, because I don't like there being a vacant house in the neighborhood. Two, because although Joe and his family are obviously non-native hispanics, they fly an American flag from their house--and that's a big thing to me, that says they're here to be Americans and not "Mexicans who live in America". That's the kind of immigration I want to see. Three, because they seem like really nice people and in the time they've been here, they've been good neighbors. They don't make trouble, they don't have loud parties, they don't drive up and down the street with the stereo on "earthquake". The kids come outside and play in the front yard, a harmless, pleasant noise. They have people over and do things. The yard is neat--neater than mine--and the house looks great. Three, if someone flips that place? Who knows what kind of people will move in there?

I know that at least one owner tried renting the place out. Whoever had it after the original owners did--and then they got the bad tenants who utterly fucked the place before leaving; it sat for a while. Then I remember Paige--I only met her once--coming by and introducing herself. She had the place renovated; I thought she'd said she was going to move into it. But then it was on the market for a while, eventually selling to Joe and his family; and they've been there for a few years.

I recall seeing the "unfit for habitation" sticker on the front door before Paige bought it. (I did not get her last name then, so "Paige" is all I have.) I also recall them putting in a new furnace and a whole bunch of new flooring, and-and-and.

Well. The PT Cruiser that was also flooded is still sitting in the driveway. I suppose it's possible they mean to come back and do more on the place but have not been able to, because life happens. There's no way for me to know.

Regardless, I do hope to see more of them.

* * *

I had not intended for this to be a big post. Oh well. Time to chill a bit before bed.

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